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Best part of Leather of an Animal: You Need to Know

Best part of Leather of an Animal: You Need to Know

Leather from different parts of the animal varies in its characteristics. Different parts of a hide have different parts of a hide hide different properties in terms of strength, flexibility, durability. This makes some parts of hide more suitable in use. RAVEN‘s today’s post:

Parts of Leather or Hide

Different Part of  Leather of an Animal

Quality NoNameUsed amount for a product


  1. Butt/Bend: Butt is the best part of the leather (hides or skins). Fibers in this part of the hide are tightly packed therefore making it the strongest part of the skin .It has a uniform grain structure and usually of good color. Most of the visible part of the article (front panel) cut from butt.


  1. Shoulder: This portion of the leather is the second best with the substance thinner than the butt. The shoulder is thick and strong but tends to crease easily as this part of the hide is affected by movement of the head. It may contain growth marks but it is firm and tight. Shoulder is strong with excellent durability.


  1. Neck: The neck is the 3rd in quality .It may be thicker , but has a loose growth marks , particularly in the case of hides.


  1. Flanks/SHANKS: shank may vary according to the skin. They are usually the weak part. Since they are stretchy with wrinkles; they may or may not be used according to its quality.
  2. Belly: Belly is thin, has loose in fibrous structure. It is poor quality. So, most of this part of leather is used in the hidden part of the article. As an animal eats and drinks, its belly expands and then contracts again as the contents are digested. This action produces a stretchy, softer leather of varying thickness which is found at the edges of the skin.


Offal/Other (15-0%): They are very pliable & stretching & hence they are not normally used. The backbone area may be quite pronounced especially in the case of goat and cutter should avoid it. Above were best part of leather of an animal.

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