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Blazer Price in Bangladesh

Blazer Price in Bangladesh is a very common query on the internet in Bangladesh. A lot of people are querying on the search engine regularly in the winter season. Their queries are like Men Blazer shop in BD, Blazer Price in BD, Online Blazer Shop in BD, Cheap Blazer in BD, Men Leather Blazer price, etc. Form these query they are trying to find a proper blazer within their budget.

RBC- 09 Brown Slim Fit Crocodile Ambushed Blazer

Though the budget is always uncertain. Cause before the budget there are a few different criteria that are considered primary concern. Another reason is which type of material you want to choose. Cause there are cotton, polyester, leather, and other materials are available. And each of them has a different outlook and price. In order to persuade the whole point, you need to read the whole article within 5 mins. Then you can think and decide according to your budget. Here is below:

Ash Wood Color Slim Fit Leather Blazer for Men in BD

Journey to find a Proper Blazer:

Like the design of the blazer, the color of the blazer, the size of the blazer, the accessories of the blazer, etc. And when they decide to buy a blazer then the budget arrives on your mind. But till then they are looking for a trendy and stylish blazer to represent their fashion choice. In most cases, they take consult from our friends and families where to find a good blazer. And from there the journey to buying a blazer starts.

Blazer Price in Bangladesh
RB-02-Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Jacket

First of all, we make a list of blazer shop from where we can see products and gather other information. Then we follow a few shops recommended by our friends and families. If we are not satisfied with those then we start our own research on the internet. When we search on the internet through popular search engines like Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc we see few results on our screen.

RBC- 09 Black Slim Fit Crocodile Ambushed Blazer

On the first page, we can see 10 links related to our search. Here, We can see 10 links of the blazer by different brands. And then we go to each link to discover new designs of the blazer and price range and delivery time as well. So, it takes time to find a proper blazer from lots of them. But as we are interested to buy a blazer so we do this tough job very keenly. Without any hesitation or frustration.

Types of Blazer Available in Bangladesh:

The Blazers are not a new thing in Bangladesh. Cause our corporate people to wear them as an official dress code. In Banks, Corporate houses, Hotels blazers are the top priority for their formal dress code. So, there is no point in introducing Blazer to Bangladeshi people. Let’s dive directly to the types of Blazer available in Bangladesh:

RB-02 Black Color Genuine Leather Blazer

By material, we can divide them into 4 major types. And they are below:

  1. Cotton
  2. Linen
  3. Silk &
  4. Leather

These major materials are the main factor for the priceyness of the blazer. But tailoring is also included. After that design and color add a few more money to complete a blazer and it’s price.

And the Blazer Price in  Bangladesh:

The Blazer price depends on a few criteria. Such as Material of the blazer, Design of the blazer, Tailoring or stitching of the blazer, Accessories of the Blazer and at the last color of the blazer. Besides brand or non-brand factor is also included in the price factor of the blazer. Through these above criteria, we can divide Blazer Price into 3 major sections. And they are below:

RB-02 Tom Cruises Mission Impossible Leather Jacket
  1. Expensive Blazer
  2. Reasonable Blazer
  3. Cheap Blazer

Expensive Blazer ( Price Range: Tk.15,000/- Plus ) :

Mainly expensive blazers outlook will tell you that bro!! this is expensive. Mostly this type of blazer is made from brand shops or exclusive designer. This blazer includes all 23 parts and the accessories are also high quality. The material will be one of the finest quality they have and design choice is also standard.  But color solely depends on the customer choose what he decides. But materials like genuine leather Blazer is a new trend currently. Here is a photo below:

Blazer Price In Bangladesh Black- Casual-Blazer-For-Men-Front-side
Black Casual Leather Blazer ( Price: USD $ 200/-, Tk.16,790.50/- )
Master Color Casual Leather Blazer for Men ( Price: $175/- Tk. 14,700/- )

Where to Buy Them: 

In Bangladesh, there are a few brands who make blazers like RAVEN. They are the No. 1 Leather Blazer and Leather Jacket maker in Bangladesh. You can order them online or visit their showroom At Mirpur-1.

Reasonable Blazer ( Price Range: Tk.8,000/- to Tk. 15,000/- ) :

Reasonable Blazer is such a state where you will find the price is reasonable. In here, you will get the feeling of both expensive and reasonable. This type of blazer is well stitched and tailored, 23 parts of the blazer will be included and standard accessories will also provide as well.  Let’s find out a leather  blazer below:

Men Genuine Leather jacket front side by RAVEN, Dhaka Bangladesh
RB:07 Slim Fit Leather Blazer For Men Frontside  

Mainly, RB:07 is a casual leather jacket style for winter. Black, brown, dark chocolate, camel, and wine are color options for this rider jacket. Satin, polyester, filler, fur, cotton are the lining options. Blazer, jacket, cuff, button are options for sleeves. Collar options are open, button, and buckle. Zippers are metal from the world-class company YKK (Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha). This stitching style Jacket comes with default material option of Cow leather. But there are other options available: Sheep leather, Goat leather, and Lambskin. This black color is suited better for this particular design.

Mens Genuine Leather Jacket Backside by RAVEN Leatherz Dhaka Bangladesh
RB-07 Slim Fit Leather Blazer for Men Backside

This super leather Blazer has one chest pocket and two flap pockets on the bottom. It has one inside pocket for carrying the accessories. The pocket depth can be customized. We also provide custom-made designs for our customer’s requirement. In the future, we will provide custom choice buttons for our honorable customers. We hope these options will be very helpful for our customers.


Where to Buy them:

If you want to buy this jacket then RAVEN is your perfect destination. Cause they guarantee the best quality leather jacket at a great price that you could ever find elsewhere. And they also believe that you’ll be surprised by the quality you get at such a reasonable price in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This cool men’s genuine leather blazer is handmade using top grain leather. The leather, RAVEN provide is known for its best quality, durability, and awesome softness.

##Cheap blazer ( Price Range: Tk.1,500/- to Tk. 5,000/- ) :

What does it mean by Cheap Blazer? This is probably the first question on your mind. And it’s a valid question. Basically, a cheap blazer means it is cheap by price. And material & other stuff is also cheap. But this cheap blazer can be stylish and quality full if they follow the proper way of a blazer tailoring. It’s kind of funny that you get a blazer only at Tk. 2000/- or $ 23.95 USD. But this is not funny at all cause Bangladesh is very well known for a Tailoring country worldwide. So it is very obvious that we can get a blazer at a cheap price. So, lots of people believe this and wear them happily without any hesitation.

But the reality is different from here cause this types of jacket never maintain the 23 major parts properly. Cause many of us don’t know them and no one ever mentions their names to anyone. But outside Bangladesh, many of them can easily recognize what is missing here. A simple example can help to understand the logic. In Bangladesh, our national dress is Panjabi and know it if a Panjabi missing any part like the side pocket we can easily notice it. So as a blazer miss any part then the foreigners can easily figure out. Cause this is their most popular outerwear. So it’s up to you what you really want? And another thing is what you expect from what you wear also. Cause sometimes cheap or reasonable blazer can be looked gorgeous or pricey but that particular one will never be a costly one. So, if you invest your money in a suitable one then it can be worthy of it will go in vain without any doubt. Now check out where to find them below:

Where To Find Them:

DIFT ( Dhaka International Trade Fair ) is the place where you can find them easily. Every year in January this trade fare happens in Bangladesh and you can get a blazer from here without any hassle. Another place in Dhaka you can go to is New Market. In here, you will find the same quality and same price as well.

Where to Make Your Desired Blazer in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh tailoring sectors are running still in the traditional way. But in recently, this sector is now serving online as well. Like many other online blazer shops, RAVEN is one of the pioneer and also the No 1 Leather Blazer and Leather Jacket brand in Bangladesh. More than 1,000 jacket selling experience with 103 facebook recommendations. Search Google for a leather blazer or a leather jacket you will find RAVEN at the top.

Since 2011 RAVEN is working as a Leather Blazer and Leather Jacket Brand in Bangladesh. The most lucrative offer is the custom-made blazer or jacket facility. This allows any customer to order any blazer or jacket as per his body fitting. Another good offer is their 10 years leather warranty.

So, if you want Online Blazer Shopping in Bangladesh then RAVEN is the perfect destination for you. Cause you can order online from anywhere in Bangladesh or you can visit the showroom As well. Here is the address

Showroom Address Of RAVEN

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