Care & Cleaning Guide

1. Care your Leather Jacket (or products) same as your Own skin. Both are same.

2. Clean Your Jacket Periodically (at least 30 days interval)

3. Shine with shiner according to your desire aesthetics

4. If any mold/fungus/stain appears clean with soft cotton or silk

5 Dry in air (not in sun light) or Under Fan if humidity is high in surroundings weather

6. Apply Odor less, Colorless and non-sticky oil according to Tanning & Finishing of made off Leather Jacket (or products)This is helpful if weather is dry specifically during Heat Weave or Dry Weather.

7. If you do not take care your Leather Jacket (or products) damage might happen

8. If you care as your Own skin your Leather Jacket(or products) your Leather Jacket (or Products) will last longer than expected, probably life time.