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Ranbir Kapoor Leather Jacket Collection

Hey there folks! Hope you guys are alright. Today we are going to see a few outerwear from a famous movie actor in Bollywood. And all of us know him very closely. So, who is he? He is none other than the youth icon and heartthrob of millions is RANBIR KAPOOR. He is the son of famous actor and actress RISHI KAPOOR & NETU KAPOOR. His acting debut happens back in 2007 and the film was Saawariya. Sanjay Lila Bhansali was the director of the film. Though the film did not receive commercial  ...

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Celebrity Wears RAVEN Leather Jackets

RAVEN Leather Jackets or RAVEN Leather are now one of the trending keywords both in the search engine and also in BD people’s minds. Especially when it is winter this name is moving through one mind to another or one media to another in BD. Mostly known for Genuine Leather Jacket Brand in BD. As a Result, leather jackets of RAVEN starts getting popular among BD Men and Women. Though Bangladesh is a high humidity country and winter season stays here a very little time. And thinking  ...

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20 Most Wanted Jacket in Winter 2019-2020

Winter is a season of fashion and trend. Most people wait for this season to look stylish and fashionable. With various Jackets, Blazers, Hoodies, Sweaters and so on. In winter 2018-2019, lots of brands and non-brands shops and marketplaces bring a variety of collections for their customers. But it is really hard to decide which type of winterwear you want. Mostly jackets are the prime choice for men winter fashion. Cause they can transform looks of anybody without any doubt. Another reason  ...

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Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider Leather Jacket for Men

Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider Leather Jacket is quite famous all over the world. And this design favorite by the biker. They want to look more vintage and rough looking. This film story was taken from Marvel comics. Further, it’s first published in 1982 as a short film. After that, the movie was reproduced on February 16, 2007. And the famous Actor Nicolas cage played as Jony Blaze. And the movie earns 228.7 million dollars by invite 110 million dollars.

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