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Credit Card Box – Credit Cardholder Price and Shop in Bangladesh

The credit cardholder is one of the most essential and practical accessories that every man should have. Basically, it helps to store and organize all of your cards and cash. Not only that, but a high-quality leather cardholder is also a signature of your status and your style. A classic leather credit cardholder will also be able to stay timelessly trendy and fashionable years to years. Therefore, it is definitely a must-have item for both men and women. Not just in terms of functional uses but also in terms of trends and fashion also.


However, it is a little bit tricky to buy a leather credit card box in Bangladesh. There are thousands of products available that you can find on the market. And they will surely make you feel overwhelmed with their looks and finishing. On the other hand, they are different in styles and designs also. Only the quality of the leather and the skills of the craftsmanship are not the things that you can easily identify from the good and the bad. In order to understand you need to read the whole article with a few mins. Let’s dive into it.

Buying Consideration:

Leather: The first and foremost factor is leather. You need to know about it cause if you are having a good one it will last long. If it is a bad one it lasts for a few years but it won’t last as much as the good ones. So, check it carefully and then buy.

Construction: The second thing is construction. Mainly, stitching and finishing will be the key factors here. Check the whole stitching edge by edge. After that check, the whole finishing to get prepared to buy the best one you are looking for.

Genuine Leather Credit Cardholder for men and women

Craftsmanship: The craftsmanship that put into the cardholder can be shown in many areas. First, you need to check the stitching lines. When a leather wallet is done nicely, the stitching will be positioned centrally. On the other hand, poor craftsmanship shows in crooked stitching lines.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the turnover. A well-made cardholder would have a turnover which is narrow while a badly made leather wallet will have a wider turnover. Make sure when you run your fingertips on the edge, there is no lip as well.

Olive Color Leather Credit Card Holder For Men and Women

Last but not least, you need to check the corners of the leather wallet that you are going to buy. Look for the one with round stitched corners and avoid one with right-angled corners. Creasing from hot iron is also a sign of excellent and high-quality craftsmanship.

Compartment/Pockets: Now time to consider the size of the compartment. You need to assure is the bag is good enough to keep your laptop and pull it out with ease. It is much preferable if the bag contains extra pockets for phone, cards, pen, and other everyday small stuff to compromise the take of the wallet as an extra carry. You should also check whether the bag allows easy access to all your items.

Colors: The color of your cardholder determines pretty much everything about the versatility of the wallet. If you need a cardholder for all of the occasions and to pair with all of your current clothing, you should opt for the classic black or brown. Avoid colorful patterns as simplicity is the best.

Price Analysis:

For a leather credit cardholder, price varies from brands to brands and shops to shops. Another reason is the facility. Some cardholder may have only key managing ability, some may have a cardholding facility with key managing. And some may have cash or coin carrying facility. Above all, quality, brand value, trust issues are also involved with pricing as well. So, this is why price differs from every seller. Generally, in Bangladesh, pricing of a leather key holder starts from Tk. 100/- to Tk. 1500/- depending sellers.

Where to Buy:

So far you got all the information of reasons, pricing, and buying considerations. Now we are going to tell you about the place from where you can take your leather credit cardholder. The answer is very simple and it is RAVEN. We assured not only the quality but also the customer service as well. And they are manufacturing leather goods from 6 years. We are producing jackets, bags, wallets, belts, hand gloves, socks, cardholders, ID card holders, passport cover, key managing case, dog collar and so on.

Their wide range of leather goods collection can satisfy your quest of leather key holder very easily. 100% customer satisfaction and hundreds of reviews and recommendations just proof of their work. So, if you are looking for quality and longevity then this is the place you are looking for. You can place your order from here: or come directly to the showroom at Mirpur section-1 Dhaka. here is the address below:

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