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Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket for Men in Bangladesh

Pre-history of Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket:

Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket is a new feature in Bangladesh leather jacket industry. People are always interested in Custom Made leather Jacket facility. In the past, people had a few knowledge of leather and leather made products like Jacket, Bags, Belts, Money Bag/Wallet etc. We were so unlucky to even recognize them as real or fake leather. We often mix them with real leather to faux or artificial leather or fake leather to real leather. So, at that point, it was really hard to think about Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket in Bangladesh.

Leather Storage Photo of Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket

Leather Storage

Every one of us is a sufferer of this dilemma. People who were selling these leather product, they often confuse or cheat us with their selling technique or speech. They also give us an oral warranty to achieve our trust to purchase the product from them. And we often agree with them and also purchase from them. So, of them were real leather and they last longer. But the fake ones really suffer us and push us to find alter ways to fulfill our demands.

Winter Clothes In Bangladesh

Alternative Sources of Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket:

As we all know that leather is a very robust & expensive product. So, in that time the branded shops are also selling the same thing but they were expensive. As we have a fixed budget for this so we don’t purchase them from branded shops. But deep in our heart, we have the intense fantasy of using leather goods. So, we try to alternative ways to meet our fantasy. And this is why we start our query to the local marketplace where we can get these leather goods cheaply within our budget.

Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket Photo

Design Analyzing Before Cutting

So, sometimes we find some really good leather products which fulfill our fantasy and trust towards the seller. Sometimes they were so good to beat the products of local branded shops. This finding really pushes our bubble of joy and we start passive marketing of these leather goods to our family, friends, colleagues and even neighbors and pretty much everywhere possible. We spread it selfishly. But there were very few people or jacket maker exists in the past. And they tried their heart & soul to fulfill the demand of customers.

Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket Photo

Making of a Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket Photo

But some of their customer’s were satisfied and some of them were not. So, they start to shop online and order their desire jacket from the various online shop like Amazon. Alibaba, eBay, Nordstrom etc. But the problem is every one of them sell ready-made jackets. So, if we have any fitting problem like I order an M size jacket but my perfect fitting is between M & L. So, I am stuck for a perfect fitting and there is no alter ways except adjustment. To solve this ready-made jacket issue there is no other way than Custom Made Jacket. Let’s find out some more about  Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket below.


Benefits of Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket:

Custom Made means made or done to order for a particular customer. So, custom made jacket has 5 benefits and we can easily achieve them.

1. Get a better fitting:  Any individual who needs to look great knows how FIT means the world. The fitting is the way to represent your body in the most complimenting way. It makes a huge difference to healthy guys and also for an unhealthy or lean guy. That’s the core goal of custom made clothing. It will adjust your body measurements while providing enough ease and comfort. Extreme tightness or looseness will not bother you because these will adjust as per your body measurements. So, Custom made fitting gives  1. The comfort at the neck area   2. The length of the sleeves   3. The shoulder fitting  4.  The perfect shape of body length.

Custom Made Leather Jacket BD

2.Checking Materials Quality: For a great leather jacket, all you need is the quality of the leather.  First What is the grain of the leather? then What is the thickness of the leather? and finally What is the grade of the finished leather?  These are the basic questions which give a clear vision about the quality of the materials. These questions will boost your confidence to place your custom order.

3.Highlighting Personal Style: Custom made option has a great benefit of highlight your personal style. Cause you can easily customize your collar style, pocket style, button style, Cuff Style, even leather color and so on. This customization will change the original design and make a new one.

online jacket shopping in Bangladesh pic

Customer Photo with His Own Customize Design

4. Save Time & Effort: when you are making a custom-made order, all you have to do is choose a  design. Then give your measurements, then know the delivery date and wait for it. You don’t have to spend time on entering a store to look around or see “sold out” and “unavailable” items. So, this process saves time & effort perfectly.

5.Long Lasting Assurance: Leather is a robust and long-lasting element. Leather can survive 30 years under water. So, if you order a Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket then it will really last long as per your uses and maintenance.



Why Choose RAVEN for Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket:

When it comes to buying a leather jacket, you deserve only the best. RAVEN is committed to providing the best handmade replica leather jackets made with only the best 100% real authentic cowhide leather.  We also provide Sheep & Goat hide also. Our aim is to satisfy our customers with great quality, finishing and after service. We are the pioneer of Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket in Bangladesh. We are working Since 2012 online. And now we have a showroom at  Section-1, Mirpur. Our address is below:



This photo is about Winter Jacket in Dhaka Bangladesh

Winter Jacket in Dhaka Bangladesh

Shop No: 277-278, Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, Mirpur-1, Dhaka.  

Call us: 01717873588

Here are some testimonials of our custom made customers. Hope this will encourage you to make your first custom made order from us.


“best in Bangladesh for custom made leather jacket..” __  Asif Ahmed  

“Best custom made leather jackets available in Bangladesh. Happy with their service and the quality of their finished products is just astounding! Glad to be one of their Star customers. Special thanks to Siddique Bhai. :)”  __ Ahnaf Shahriar Khan

“I’ve ordered a leather jacket from RAVEN. And I like it how they make it. Full customized jacket, which is unavailable in Dhaka except RAVEN. Good luck RAVEN!!”__   Awal Hossen

“Amazing quality, Fantastic customer service and very friendly people. All in all a very good destination for people with leather jacket fascination. I suggest people to trust them for their excellence.”  __  Tahmid Haque


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