Different Types of Finished Leather

Image of Different types of finished leather

Different types of finished leather

There are different kinds of finished leather. For better understanding for our reader today I will discuss some common used leather in our daily and special fashion ware off Leather.


ANILINE FINISH: Aniline finish could be applied over all type tanned leather such as: Vegetable Tanned Leather, Full Chrome Tanned and Semi-Chrome Leather. Aniline Finished Leather is MOST used leather in entire world. 

Image of Aniline Finished Leather

Aniline Finished Leather

To obtain a clear and transparence look of grain surface. The aniline finish consists of

(a) Hard film forming substance such as egg and albumin, gelatin, casein

(b) A plasticizer or softening agent glycerin or sulphonated oil to prevent the film from becoming brittle

(c) An antifriction agent-fat milk, sulphonated oil and

(d) A filling agent containing linseed mucilage, gum tragacanth, starch, characteristics of aniline or glaze finish are high gloss, smooth surface and natural grain pattern of leather should be seen easily.


SEMI-ANILINE FINISH: Semi Aniline Finish contains small quality of inorganic pigment as additive in the season. A few of the grain defects are covered as in aniline finish.

Image of Semi Aniline Finished Leather

Semi Aniline Finished Leather


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SUEDE: This is not a kind of leather but a kind of finish. The surface of the leather is buffed to create fine naps that become suede.

Image of Suede Leather

Suede Leather


BRUSHED: This is also a napped finish, except that the nap is a bit coarser, such a finish is found on casual and sports shoes.

Image of Brush Off Leather

Brush Off Leather


PATENT: Like suede, patent is not a kind of an enamel-like gloss for a sparking effect. It’s used for women’s, men’s and girl’s shoes.

Image of Patent Finished Leather

Patent Finished Leather


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RESIN FINISH: The binder constituent is an aqueous acrylic dispersion. The top coats are lacquer or emulsions. In addition to resin, dispersion, protein solution, wax emulsions, pigment dispersion and plasticizer are also used. The films are   glossy when hot plated and give sharp impression when embossed.

Image of Resin Finished Leather

Resin Finished Leather


CELLULOSE/LACQUER FINISH: Cellulose finishes also known as lacquer finishes contain cellulose nitrate, solvents-amylacetal, Butyl acetale, MEK(Methyl Ethyl Ketone) and so on, diluents and plasticizers-butyl phthalate, amyl phthalate, butyl sterate, Castor oil, diluents-Benzene, Toluene and soon, and are colored by pigments or dyes.

Next we will discuss more about leather. Thanks for reading ! Cheers!!

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