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How Durable are Leather Products

We know that leather is robust and durable. Mainly leather is produced to withstand the test of time and rough conditions. If we looked into the past we could see the multiple uses like vintage boots, antique furniture, old leather-bound books – they all really look better and get better with age, and they last and last. Proper take care and preservation certainly play a part, but well-crafted leather will last and last.


Oldest Leather Shoe

Recently an astonishing news revealed  that a ladies leather shoe has founded which lasted over 5000 years! The shoe is as big as a current women’s size seven (U.S.), the shoe was likely tailor-made for the right foot of its owner, who could have been a man or a woman—not enough is known about Armenian feet of the era to say for sure. Made from a single piece of cowhide—a technique that draws premium prices for modern shoes under the designation “whole cut”—the shoe is laced along seams at the front and back, with a leather cord. “The hide had been cut into two layers and tanned, which was probably quite a new technology,” explained Ron Pinhasi, co-director of the dig, from University College Cork in Ireland.


Leather Binding Book

Because the high durability of leather it has been used for covering precious books from ancient time. Bookbinding has many of the same preservation needs such as protection from high temperatures, high relative humidity, low relative humidity, fluctuations in relative humidity, light exposure, dust buildup, pollution, mold, and insect infestation. The leather is the perfect material that we can find from nature with all these qualities.

So, we can easily say now that not many other materials in the world can boast that kind of lifespan. The leather is environment-friendly and most durable material in the world.

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