FAQ – The Random Questions We Get So Far From Our Customers

Random Questions arise when we start to provide service to our customers. If we start from the beginning you will understand it properly, what we are exactly meaning. We have started our journey back in 2013 from the dormitory of the Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology, University of Dhaka. We start our business operation in 2014 through Facebook. Then we introduce our website. Back then we were operating virtually fully. And to provide better customer service we run a delivery hub from where customer can pick up their jacket, provide measurements, sharing issues of the fitting, and others. Gradually, we move on to explore our further journey. In order to reach more potential customers who want to check first and then buy we finally end up with our first showroom at Mirpur-01 in the year 2017.

So, from our first day to till now we have faced a lots of query about us, our products, our services and so many things. In this article we are going to share you the question and the answer of them sequentially

Leather Related Random Questions:

Is it genuine leather ? 

Yes, Sir. 100% genuine leather. We offer a challenge that if someone can prove that these are not genuine leather then we will give him/her BDT. 10,00000/-

How Many Types Of Leather You Have?

Actually, we offer cow hide, sheep hide, buffalo hide, and goat hide in general.

What Is The Processing Types of Your Jackets?

We use mostly Full Grain Aniline finished leather. In 2019 winter, we introduce oiled finished leather a luxury & comfortable material for leather jackets and goods.

Which Types of Finished Leather You Used?

We use full grain finished cow hide, sheep hide, buffalo hide, and goat hide.

Is There Any Thickness Standard of Leather For Jacket?

Yes, actually there is. the minimum thickness starts from 6mm to 8mm for jackets and this also the standard one. For leather goods there are various ratios of thickness like 8mm to 14mm and more depends on manufacturer choice.

How  can I recognize genuine leather? 

It is very Simple, please read this article from our blog section below:

Product-Related Random Questions

How Many Colors You Provide?

In basic we provide black, brown, deep chocolate regular with them we also provide duel tone red color, mustered color, Bronze color, and different types of vintage finished colors.

How Many Sizes Are Available?

In ready made we have XS, S, M, XM, and L. If not fit ready made then you can avail our custom made service.

Is it Asian Size or European Size Standard?

Actually, our sizing style is total custom. And they have been made in thought of Bangladeshi people.

Do I have to pay Extra If I avail Custom Made Service?

So far now we haven’t take any extra money for a custom made jacket. If not anyone’s chest size is more then 43 inches. If you are above that then we charge 10% extra for additional leather only not more than that.

Service Related Random Questions:

When I can visit the showroom?

Please check out the photo below:

Visiting Hours Charts of RAVEN
Visiting Hours Charts of RAVEN

How Many days of Week You Are Open?

We are open 6 days a week. From 10 am to 8 pm.

Which Day is Your Weekend?

Thursday is our weekend. On this day, our market is closed. But if you have any query you can contact us via our helpline: +8801717873588 or knock us on any social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, or you can email us as well. Here is the address ravenshowroom1@gmail,.com

Do you Provide Any Guarantee or Warranty?

Yes we do. We provide 10 Years leather warranty on jackets.

Is there Any Return Policy?

Yes, we have. You can return our product within 7 days with a salable condition. But we don’t return money if you are not decided to buy another product from us.

Can I exchange?

Off course you can exchange. But you have to do it with in 7 days.

Do you Refund?

Yes we do.

What Are The Payment Options?

Our payment options are cash, bkash, card, bank payment.

What Are They Delivery Options?

We do regular delivery all over the country. Our home delivery service is not available. If there any special case we do it sometimes if it is near by the Dhaka city and close to our showroom area.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes we do accept Visa and Master cards.

Do You Accept American Express Cards?

Currently no, we are on the processing to get a card swipe machine.

Is Bkash Payment Accepted?

Definitely you can pay us via Bkash.

Can i Pay With Rocket?

Yes sure. We accept it also.

General Queries of Random Questions :

Why Does a Leather Jacket expensive?

There are many reasons but you can find exact reasons here

Why Do You Make Your Ready Made Jacket in Cow Hide?

In here we have a plenty of cowhide and they are best for rough use. if you need special then we have other options too.

Why Don’t You Make Plus Size Jackets in Ready Made?

Actually, leather jackets always look good when are perfectly fit with the body. Whether it is a slim fit, regular fit, or skinny fit. Problems arise when we try to make ready-made jackets for plus size body. Not everyone has similar or the same types of bodies. In big sizes, there is a huge difference in belly, waist, shoulder, neck sleeve, cuff, and underarm sections. That’s we prefer to take custom made order instead of a ready-made jacket. So far we have made a 64-inch chest size jacket in custom made.

Do you Have Color Restriction?

Yes we have, because not everyone preferred fancy color, vintage finish, or distress types leather for jacket. Most of our customer love to have basics colors like Black, Brown, Deep Chocolate, Mustered color. So, when you visit us you can see it yourself. Other than that we are experimenting new types of finished leather & color as well. As per your response we will bring back colors which you guys suggest to purchase.

How Can I Provide My Own Design?

Very simple all you need to do is just discuss with our designer, if he approved we can make it for you. Most cases we can make any types of designs except patch work & embroidery types.

If I Provide Leather Do you Accept?

Yes off course we accept it happily. No problem at all.

And What Will Cost of Making A jacket if I Provide Leather?

Yes, if someone interested to give us leather, we take it. And our making charge generally BDT. 4,500/-

Are You Guys Start Taking Custom Order for Bags Yet?

We are planning to take so. But has not approved from management yet. Hope to provide the service very soon.

How About Taking a Custom Order of a Pair of Gloves For Me?

There is no problem in taking a custom order for gloves. You can visit us & place your order.

Do you have any Outlet where I can check the product?

Yes, Sir, We do, where you can see or buy or take the product and material also. Here is the address below:    


What is the cost for a Sheepskin Jacket?

The cost will be 20%+ than regular cowhide Jacket.

Finally, these are the random questions which we have been facing from day one to now. These are a portion of queries which we have been answered in order to know our brand well. Further in future we will add more as per necessity. Thanks a lot for spending your time to know our service.

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