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Jacket Shiner – How to shine My Leather Jacket Instantly

A jacket shiner is very important for maintaining your leather jackets. Mainly, a shiner not only shines a jacket but also shines all other leather goods & accessories too. Like our own skin, our leather goods also need quality treatment to endure long enough. And give us quality services as well. In order to get a better output, we use various moisturizer or lotion to protect our skin from dryness. So, as leather needs specific care to protect from fungus and other harmful things. If you want to take care of your leather jacket then this guide is for you. Here is the elaboration below:


How to Care:

If you want to take proper care of your jacket. These are the things that you can follow to maintain your leather jacket efficiently:

  1. The first thing you can do is take water and a damp cloth to wipe-down on your leather jacket. From here you can remove any dirt and dust very easily.
  2. Second thing is that if there is a stain what you are gonna do. Firstly you need to read the label before applying any type of cleaning solution. After reading the instruction now you can apply solutions as per the cleaning instruction.
  3. After cleaning the dust or stains now let the jacket air-dry for a half-hour or more till it dries properly. Please do not leave it on the floor or crumpled up somewhere while it is still wet. This will cause mildew and mold, which could potentially ruin the jacket.
  4. Finally, you can apply a jacket shiner or moisturizer to your jacket now. Dry the surface under the fan and keep it in a breathable circumstance. And hang the jacket.

How to Shine:

To shine your jacket you need a shiner first. There are lots of shiners are available in the market. But we prefer Gold Care Auto Polishing Sponge Anti-Static Shiner. Here is how you can shine a jacket.

Take your jacket first then put it on a table or a bed or anywhere you think to apply the shiner into the jacket. After that bring the shiner and rub it from top to bottom very carefully. If you find any kind of dust or stain please remove them how we tell you earlier. Now if the applying of shiner is done then you can hang it under a fan to dry. After that, your jacket is prepared to wear. And this is how you can shine your jacket every time when you need.

Price Analysis:

If you are thinking about buying a leather jacket shiner then you can take any of them. There are a lot of places and sellers are available who sell different types of shiners. And they sold them at different prices as well. The price range of a shiner can be Tk. 350/- to Tk. 3000/- depending on brands and quality. But we recommend Gold Care Auto Polishing Sponge Anti-Static Shiner. Cause it is really easy to use and it shines the jacket very quickly as well. And the price is very cheap only at Tk. 490/-


Where to Buy:

The answer is RAVEN. We provide quality leather, accessories, finishing, QC, and after service facility to our customers. In our production, we have leather jackets, bags, belts, gloves, socks, cardholder, passport cover, wristband, and other leather goods. On the other hand, more hundreds of review and recommendations of our customers. We provide both pre and after service very efficiently. If you purchase anything we are there for you to get the best product as per your need. However, If you are intending to buy a leather id cardholder from online then you can order from our website: or visit our showroom directly.

Final words:

In the end, it will be your decision from where you are going to buy your jacket shiner. However, if you are looking for a good jacket shiner with a cheap price then RAVEN is your destination to buy.

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