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Leather School Bag – Online School Bag Shopping in Bangladesh

The school bag is a common query among children and parent. Every year thousands of children are getting admission to schools. In order to carry books, notebooks, diary, pen, pencil, ruler, tiffin box, water pot, etc. However, to manage all the equipment properly every parent try to buy the best bag possible for their child. Earlier, parents went to the markets to buy bags from there. But now with the help of technology parents can easily buy their favorite backpack from online shops very  ...

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Leather jacket Price in Bangladesh (Dhaka)

Leather Jacket Price in Bangladesh is a bit lower than any other country in the world. Partly it’s because of the availability of raw material; Leather. Yes! Bangladesh is one of the major leather producers in the world leather market. That’s the fact behind the reasonably priced leather jacket in dhaka Bangladesh. Moreover, the craze behind the leather jacket also boosts the eagerness as well. Basically, a high humidity country can not think of a leather jacket much. Cause we have only  ...

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Leather jacket in Dhaka, Bangladesh

If we want to talk about “Leather jacket Dhaka Bangladesh”, we have to start it from  Geographically Bangladesh located in the great delta of Bay of Bangle which tells us that Bangladesh is not so cold prone country after all. But sometimes few cold waves hit Bangladesh, especially remote area. Unlikely the situation urban area is the less cold mongering then rural area. But the fact is Fashion. Leather Jackets consider one of the top fashion accessories in trends. And  ...

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Leather Jacket Shop and Market in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Leather Jacket Shop Market Dhaka, Bangladesh: Sorry to say first that there is no specific market that sells Genuine Leather Jacket in Bangladesh. Some dispersed shop in Newmarket area or Gulistan or New Elephant road tries to sell a leather jacket in Dhaka. But their quality remains to be questioned! What about other metropolitan areas! Sorry again that there is no specific shop that sells an only leather jacket in other metropolitan areas unlikely Dhaka. It’s a bit irrational  ...

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