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Leather Backpack and Messenger Bag in Dhaka Bangladesh | Ultimate Buying Guide

Leather backpack and messenger bag are common two types leather bag. And these bags are very famous In Dhaka Bangladesh. So if our beloved customers want to buy an original leather backpack and messenger bag they need to know about the common factors before purchasing them. 

Leather Backpack and Messenger Bag Photo

Leather Backpack and Messenger Bag

Leather backpack from Dhaka Bangladesh (front side)

RUB:10 Leather Backpack Price 3800/- BDT

This is Leather Backpack from Dhaka Bangladesh Front View

RUB:08 Leather Backpack Price: 3800/- BDT

Just what is a leather backpack?

The leather backpack is like a normal backpack. Often we call the school or a college backpack. The biggest clear advantage of the backpack is the shoulder straps, allowing the freest movement of any bag choice. Most of them are made from polyester, cotton, or canvas or leather. For these materials, they are highly durable, day to day usable & the proper solution for every situation. Backpacks are a very common choice for our household item and we all know its utility perfectly. This is why we all love leather Backpack. The other reason they go with most outfits but opt for something classier for more formal wear.It also can be used for traveling, carrying DSLR, Carrying laptop or any carrying instruments. And it’s famous for its own style and heavy duty. Though now leather backpack also used by casual office bag.

In Bangladesh, leather is a common fact. But people are still searching for 100% original leather Backpack desperately. When they find a suitable one they often cheat by saying this is a 100% original leather Backpack. And they are convinced by the Sale Associate or Brands or Local Shops. So, they find it after a few months and again they are looking for another one. Buy the good news is genuine leather Backpack and Messenger Bag is available in RAVEN. Find it! Buy It! Use it!      

And some advantages and disadvantages are given below:



  • Leather backpacks are more long-lasting.
  • Helps to create а fashionable statement.
  • Very much in the fashion that easily binds to any program.
  • Easy to carry lots of things like Mobile, laptop, tablet, DSLR & for travel purpose and lots more.


  • Leather can be shrunk Аftеr having gotten wet.
  • Construction of the product.
  • The quality of the leather.
  • Large in size.
  • Carrying problem.

Just what is a messenger bag?

This is the messenger bag isn’t that hard to be able to infer, can it be? It’s a technique linked to the bag, at first made for moving postal marketing communications. It’s an extended shoulder strap, being placed on within the system as well as the particular help to make, in addition to it might be produced inside a range of materials. Usually, the particular bag related to messenger bags includes canvas, nevertheless leather-based in addition to plastic-type variants may also be rather standard.


The majority of messenger bags made from canvas tend to be light- in order to medium-weight, they’re flexible, so far as the design will go, plus they are generally affordable. Usually, they’re possibly made from 100 % cotton, hemp, or even bed linen. As they’re inexpensive that ’s why as are available in the markets with the unlimited variety of dimensions, styles, colors, as well as material designs.  you may think about creating an accumulation of this kind of bags, to complement various clothes with regard to numerous events. Be aware that canvas bags aren’t usually water-resistant, therefore examine climate conditions, should you intend on moving the laptop computer in a single. But in a nutshell, they are extremely long lasting when compared with exactly how inexpensive there. 


  • Relaxed access to the bag deprived of taking it off.
  • being capable of appreciating over my shoulders.
  • Best for bike riding.
  • Also perfect for any time travel & tours.
  • Also used for official purpose.
  • In a messenger bag, you can carry Mobile, money-bag, laptop, essential file and much more.
  • Perfectly suits with formal get up.  



  • Stipulation the bag is full or else heavy, it is able to be problematic to get off over your head.
  • Sometimes long time carrying caused shoulder pain.
  • Maintain problem.
  • Only for low weight product.
  • Not best for traveling.
  • They are not waterproof. So, in the rainy season, it can be complicated.  

In RAVEN, we are dedicatedly manufacturing Genuine Leather Backpack and Messenger Bag for our honorable customers. With a variety of exclusive designs, Colors, Sizes & affordable price in Dhaka Bangladesh at your door. We are also adding Custom Made Leather Bags option for our customers. Custom designs will have a custom price. So,   For better leather fashion & trend, we are actively working on it. Believe us! Love Us! Stay With Us!

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