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Leather Bags Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

Leather bags are one of the most common topics to discuss. It is a buzz word for both men and women in terms of fashion & trends. Leather bags really enhance lifestyle & fashion sense. So, we purchase different leather bags in different occasions. And leather bags price is very important when we purchase it. In this blog, we will discuss leather bags price.

Leather Bags Fashion & Usage:

From the ancient period, leather bags have been a part and parcel of humans for various purpose like carrying, pouring and lifting. Every leather bag has its own size, shape, weight capacity, compartments, and color also. These features make them more lucrative and adorable. As per the time changes leather bags also change its purpose, shape, color, capacity, usability and designs.In this modern era, leather bags are one of the most common ancient accessories in human history for both men and women fashion. They are now not only represent fashion & trend but also represent your personality and choice also. So, They are now designed to the highest quality standards. There are a lot of big leather bags brands worldwide with variety designs and price.


As we all know we are one of the leather producer countries in the world market. In Bangladesh,  leather bags price is very reasonable & cheap. But this price is depending on this 8 variants mostly. And they are:

  1.  Design
  2.  Size
  3.  Shape
  4.  Color
  5.  Leather
  6.  Capacity
  7.  Compartments
  8.  Usability


RAVEN original leather Messenger RTB:01 Price: 2500/- BDT

Leather Bags Price:

There are a lot of bags in the market like Messanger bag, Backpack, Laptop bag, Travell bag etc. But we have to choose a suitable one as per our need. In Bangladesh, a leather  Backpack or a messenger bag price starts at Tk 2500 to Tk. 6000 as per above variants mentioned earlier. In the local market, these bags are also available but the quality and leather don’t match like a genuine leather bags.  They will look like same as leather and they are also lucrative but the quality will be really poor. So, it is a burning question for us where to buy a leather bag with high quality. That’s very easy cause in Bangladesh RAVEN is one of the perfect solutions for your query.

RUB:08 Leather Backpack Price 3800/- BDT


a Leather Backpack from Dhaka Bangladesh Navy Blue Color Front Side

RUB:08 Leather Backpack Price: 3800/- BDT


In RAVEN, we provide not only genuine leather bags but also the genuine leather jacket, belt etc for both men & women. So, find us online from anywhere in Bangladesh and get your satisfactory leather products from us.

Leather backpack from Dhaka Bangladesh (front side)

RUB:10 Leather Backpack Price 3800/- BDT


Genuine Leather Bag  RUBC:04

Genuine Leather Bag RUBC:04

Genuine Leather Backpack RUB: 04

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