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Leather Bags Shop/Market in Dhaka Bangladesh

Leather Bags Shop/Market in Dhaka Bangladesh is a common query for Bangladeshi people. Though Bangladesh is one of the leather producers in the world leather market. But it is very unfortunate, we are not getting that high-quality Leather Bags in our Local Shops/Markets.



In Dhaka,  we all know about our local markets/shops areas very well. New Market, Elephant Road, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Gulistan and so on.These mentionable places there are having markets/shops for selling leather bags. These local areas are divided into social classes. For this, in Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara we find various local & international Brands for Leather Bags Shop/Market in Dhaka Bangladesh. And these leather bags are very costly.

Leather backpack from Dhaka Bangladesh (front side)

RUB:10 Leather Backpack Price 3800/- BDT

This is Leather Backpack from Dhaka Bangladesh Front View

RUB:08 Leather Backpack Price: 3800/- BDT

Current Situation:

People of these areas  People of these areas are getting these luxurious leather bags very easily at their door. On the other places, people are finding local manufacturing leather bags at a cheap price. In here, they are selling faux or synthetic leather bags. But when they are selling bags they tell their customers that it is a genuine leather bag but it is not. This is why people are looking for their preferable bag at a reasonable price. But as we are one of the large raw hide producer in the world so finished leather is also available here. Though most of the factories are producing leather goods for export. Among them few are also taking care of local demands. Some of them are trying to become a brand and some of them are totally local shops with combination of varities quality products.

So, when someone is going for a brand then he or she has pay as per quality of the product. Sometimes quality just make them expensive, and sometime they are very friendly to use and also stylish to carry on with own fashion and lifestyle. And one more thing is customer service with appropriate return policy & replacement policies increase trust level of customers who really appreciate the brand with good words. On the other hand, local is also a way to fulfill your desire but there is not acccurate quality from where you might get convinced for forst or second time not more than that. In the Below we are going to know the price of leather bags from shops and markets:

Front view of Brown Unisex Leather Tool Bag for Men and Women

RTB1 Brown Leather Multipurpose Travel Bag for Men and Women Price 2500/- BDT

Price of Leather Bags:

Not every Leather Bags Shop/Market in Dhaka Bangladesh is having a physical appearance. There are a lot of online shops who are selling leather bags. In Bangladesh, there is less company who make original leather Bags. Besides it, there are many companies who provided Chinese synthetic leather Bags. And if you purchase a premium quality of the leather product then you have to pay $200-1000 Dollar for each good quality product on Amazon or eBay.

RSL-02 Right Frontside

RSL-02 Right Frontside

So Raven at first concentrate on the quality of their product and they create shape and design as the consumer’s demands. Some couple of well-known brands use 100% genuine leather but in Bangladesh have less showroom provided 100% genuine leather Bag. Moreover, the young, middle and elderly people are love to use these original leather Bags with them.

Leather Bags cost within BD is really a burning up a query to any or all on the internet or even traditional consumers within Bangladesh. Although it’s a really difficult option to select an ideal Bag along with a variety of Size, Shape, Color & price.  Trigger within the whole country there are plenty associated manufacturers or suppliers who provide Leather Bags Shop/Market in Dhaka Bangladesh. Those mentionable Brands are RAVEN, Yellow, Daraz, Sailor, Catseye, Bagdoom, Ajker Deal and so on. They’re getting a number of leather bags on every period in order to impress their customers. They likewise have the various cost range with regard to leather Bags. 

Office Bag

Office Bag

Where to Buy?

Presently right now are looking characteristics over amounts. Because of the innovation shopping become simpler and should be possible from anyplace through any gadget. What’s more, individuals are more want to purchase online now a days. For the most part, in Bangladesh individuals need to check and test it before purchase anything besides as of late the pattern has changed because of internet shopping offices. Both on the web and disconnected shoppingas are presently accessible relying upon brands and their client service.



So far you got all the data of reasons, evaluating, and purchasing contemplations. Presently we are going to inform you concerning the spot from where you can take your calfskin sacks. The appropriate response is extremely straightforward and it is RAVEN. We guaranteed the quality as well as the client support too. What’s more, they are fabricating cowhide merchandise from 6 years. We are creating coats, packs, wallets, belts, hand gloves, socks, cardholders, ID card holders, visa spread, key overseeing case, hound neckline, etc.



RAVEN serves as an online platform and provides customized service through all over the country through a strong online base. We are selling premium quality leather Bags with excellent customer service from online. RAVEN is the best place to buy leather bags for getting preferable bags at a reasonable price. Various designs, color, shape, size are available for our customers. So, feel free to purchase genuine leather bags from us.



Our wide scope of calfskin products assortment can fulfill your mission of cowhide packs no problem at all. 100% consumer loyalty and many audits and proposals simply evidence of their work. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are searching for quality and life span, at that point this is the spot you are searching for. You can put in your request from here: or come legitimately to the showroom at Mirpur segment 1 Dhaka. here is the location underneath:


Showroom Address Of RAVEN

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