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Leather jacket Price in Bangladesh (Dhaka)

Leather Jacket Price in Bangladesh is bit lower than any other country in the world. Partly it’s because of availability of raw material; Leather. Yes! Bangladesh is one of the major leather producers in the world leather market. That’s the fact behind the reasonably priced leather jacket in dhaka Bangladesh.


Customers photo with RAVEN Leather Jack

Now comes to the point, What’s the best price for the leather jacket Dhaka Bangladesh? Frequent people asked themselves that what would be the perfect price for the leather jacket in Bangladesh. Not to be fooled by price! A genuine leather jacket in plain/simple design in common color will cost you nearly 7.5 thousand takas to 8.5 or 9 thousand takas. In terms of the world leather market, this is so feasible to the native customer. With the help of Google or another search engine, you could search for the price regarding Bangladesh. In   Europe or North America Leather, jacket price starts from 200-500 Dollars. And when it comes to bespoke/customized leather jacket price goes up more than triple. That’s means 500-1500$.



Where to Find Such Reasonable priced Leather Jacket in Bangladesh!!!

: RAVEN!!!! RAVEN has been selling leather jacket in Bangladesh for last 3 years in such price like 7.5k to 8/9k taka. Moreover RAVEN also provide customized service as per customer demand. What else you need! RAVEN is an enterprise that serves country people of Bangladesh for Leather Jacket at an efficient price.


RR-10 Quilted-Motor-Cycle-Rider-Jacket-For-Men-Front-Side-1NR-08 Black-Side-Quilted-Cropped-Ladies-Jacket-Front



But really it’s become a big issue when to justify Leather jacket Price in one place. For a few certain cases, people are unable to justify the leather jacket price in Bangladesh. Before the online market opened in Bangladesh there was no way to verify/justify the price. Thanks, mighty that we have entered into an era that all thing are connected. And Leather jacket price in the market also opened to everyone in the country; more specifically in the whole world.





Bellow few snapshot/screenshot given regarding leather jacket price which is taken from various platforms with help of search engine.

A Snapshot Leather Jacket Price in Bangladesh

A Snapshot


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