Leather Jacket Shop/Market in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Leather Jacket Shop Market Dhaka, Bangladesh: Sorry to say first that there is no specific market that sells Genuine Leather Jacket in Dhaka Bangladesh. Some dispersed shop in Newmarket area or Gulistan or New Elephant road tries to sell Leather jacket in Dhaka. But their quality remain to be questioned!

Photo of Leather Jacket Shop Market Dhaka, Bangladesh

What about other metropolitan areas! Sorry again that there is no specific shop that sells only leather jacket in other metropolitan areas unlikely Dhaka. It’s a bit irrational that Bangladesh is one of the major leather suppliers in world leather market but there is no specific market that sells only leather jacket.

Leather jacket Shop/Market near Newmarket or New Elephant area basically sells average quality leather jacket which they source from some near area. Those market/shop never made a single product however the question is “Do those shop/market has a product development department to serve potential urbanized customer in Dhaka, the capital city Bangladesh!!!!!

Leather Jacket Shop Market Dhaka, Bangladesh model no RA:02

RAVEN jacket RA:02

No, they are not aware or care the most urbanized society/buyer/customer of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Unlikely the situation Dhaka is not cold prone city due to its congested allocation of buildings. Maybe that’s the reason behind the cause not serving urbanized people as they want to be served when it comes to Leather Jacket Shop Market Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Leather Jacket Shop Market Dhaka, Bangladesh model no mega offer

Real Photo of Mega Offer jacket

To overcome the fact RAVEN steps forward to serve potential customer of Dhaka of Bangladesh who wants to buy Leather Jacket. RAVEN is counties first and top leather jacket brand which runs by quite professional guys graduated from Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology, University of Dhaka.

customize leather jacket

Real pic of custom made jacket

RAVEN is Leather Jacket Shop/Market in Dhaka, Bangladesh which serves from an online platform and provides customized service through all over the country through a strong online base. RAVEN is the ultimate choice for trendy guys to meet up Leather Jacket Shop/Market in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Welcome to RAVEN Leather Jackets world.

Customer Reviews

"Amazing quality, Fantastic customer service and very friendly people. All in all a very good destination for people with leather jacket fascination. I suggest people to trust them for their excellence."

"I like it,,,,hopefully it will much better in near future....."

Ashis Sarker Nir
| Service Holder

"best in Bangladesh for custom made leather jacket.."

"I've ordered a leather jacket from RAVEN. And I like it how they make it. Full customized jacket, which is unavailable in Dhaka except RAVEN. Good luck RAVEN!!"

Awal Hossen
| Service Holder

"Best custom made leather jackets available in Bangladesh. Happy with their service and the quality of their finished products is just astounding! Glad to be one of their Star customers. Special thanks to Siddique Bhai. :)"

Ahnaf Shahriar Khan
| Student

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