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Leather School Bag – Online School Bag Shopping in Bangladesh

The school bag is a common query among children and parent. Every year thousands of children are getting admission to schools. In order to carry books, notebooks, diary, pen, pencil, ruler, tiffin box, water pot, etc. However, to manage all the equipment properly every parent try to buy the best bag possible for their child. Earlier, parents went to the markets to buy bags from there. But now with the help of technology parents can easily buy their favorite backpack from online shops very easily. The easiness of getting every single detail ( like size, color, features, price, product images/video, reviews etc ) make the online shopping more interesting.


There are a lot of online shops or brands are available on the internet. From there you can easily identify the desired product of yours. But sometimes images or videos are not good enough. Cause don’t judge a book by its cover. Lots of cheating issues arise against online stores. Like the product, they see on the website does not look as gorgeous as the real product. To avoid this type of hassle you need to know about the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you the information about school bag buying consideration, how to wear cautiously, price analysis, where to buy elaborately below.

Buying Consideration:

Before you are preparing to buy a jacket from online stores you need to know a few things about the online shop and the product. Here are the suggestions below:

Shop existence:

If it is an online shop and you find them through social media or friends or colleagues or others. At first, you should search them by their shop name in the browser. If they have any information, the browser will show it to your screen. If they have a website or social channel or anything else you will find it very easily. Then you can visit the website and also visit all the pages and get all the information very easily. If they don’t have any website then you should not consider them at all. because you can get a bad experience in no time.


Local Review:

Next, you should check out all local reviews to justify their trust level. If you find out others are getting good experience then you can go for the next consideration point. If they have bad reviews then you know what you should do.

Social Reputation:

The third consideration is social reputation means how much popular in the virtual platform. Like how many people are following, how much engagements or comments are there and etc. if you find them better it will boost your trust level.

Return Policy & Conditions:

The fourth one is about the return policy and conditions. If you find the policies and conditions are good enough for you then you should go with them. Before that read the terms very carefully and then decide.


Now we are coming to the product details. The first thing about school bag is the material. There are various types of materials are available in the market. Like nylon, polyester, leather, canvas, etc. Material wise price varies from brand to brand and online shops to shops.


After material now its time for bag size. Size really matters depend on purpose and usability. If your child is above 12 then you should go for a medium-size bag. If your child is more than 15 then you should go for a large one.



Now its time to check out the accessories. Leather last long and we all know it. But accessories have a limited life span. So, sometimes because of accessories the look of the bag becomes very poor. So, before you buy check them properly and then buy.


When you are buying a school backpack for your child. Be assured the bag has enough padding in the shoulder straps and the back. Cause It won’t hurt the shoulders and back of your child much. If it is not overweight.

Compartment: Select a bag that comes with multiple compartments for better weight distribution. Cause you can segregate individual pocket for individual purpose.


Weigh your child’s bag from time to time to determine if it’s too heavy. If so, lighten the load by keeping only the items that he needs for the day and leave everything else at home.


Finally, color plays an important role. Each color symbolizes a different meaning. So, choose the color which suits the school culture.


How to Wear Cautiously:

Take the time to teach your child how to properly lift and carry his bag. He should bend his knees and not bend over at the waist.

Always remind your child to wear the backpack using both straps to avoid curving the spine or feeling pain or discomfort while carrying the bag

Make sure your child always uses the waist and chest belts to help even out the weight distribution of the bag. 

Encourage your kid to talk to you if he’s experiencing any pain or discomfort while using his backpack.

Price Analysis:

So far we have to persuade you about the leather side bag. There are a lot of online brand shops are available who are selling carryall bags. Moreover, these shoulder bags prepare with different materials as well. Like leather, cotton fabric, polyester, etc. So, the price range of these materials is also different. A cotton school bag price starts from Tk. 3,50/- to Tk. 2,500/-. On the other hand, a polyester shoulder backpack price starts from Tk. 650/- to Tk. 4,000/-. Finally, a leather school price starts from Tk. 3,500/- to Tk. 15,000/-. It all depends on brand value, quality, finishing, costing, and others.


Where to Buy:

One of the main concern for any customer is where to buy a school bag online in Bd. Then what type of backpack will suit him. After that which type of material will be better to use as a leather school bag. And finally Is there any shop or brand who provide a warranty? All of the questions are really valuable when you are willing to invest your money in the shoulder backpack. And your investment will be proper when you are buying your school bag from an authentic brand or shop or online shop. If you are willing to co-operate with authentic online shop then you can go with RAVEN. If you want to buy one from them here is the website:

Showroom Address Of RAVEN

Final Words:

In the end, if you want to buy leather school bag from online then RAVEN will your destination. Cause RAVEN is the No. 1 leather jacket and leather goods maker in Bangladesh. More than 7 years of experience in leather jacket and bags manufacturing and selling. They also provide a leather warranty of their products depending on the product purpose. In ready-made, they have sizes ( ( S, M, L ) available to their store. And the delivery date will be within 3 days after confirming your order. 

And finally, the after-sales service is also available with how to maintain your bag, How to make your crossbody shoulder bag shinney and new, How to prevent fungal attack properly, and where put your bag in your house for better maintenance and so on. All of those tips and tricks are from leather experts and genuine. So, if you are intending to buy then buy it from here you won’t regret at all.

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