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Leather Wristband-Online Bracelets Shopping in Bangladesh

A leather wristband comes in a wide range of styles. And they are well furnished in a variety of fashion. Actually, it depends on the men as to which style they would want to choose for themselves. In Bangladesh, many young and adult men are wearing them frequently. Mostly, men are using metal made or fabric made or rubber made bracelets. And some people wear leather made bracelets. Basically, leather is an elegant material so when someone wears this type of bracelet it looks really stylish and gorgeous. They are also available to online stores in Bangladesh. Now we are going to explore leather bracelet and which online shop you can buy them elaborately below:


Types of Men’s Leather Wristband or Bracelets:

At first, we are going to explore the types of the leather bracelet. Generally, we can segregate them into 3 types. Here they are below:

Simple wide bands: Actually, the designs are very simple for these types of bands. They are wide, lucrative and handful. Perfect for casual dress code. You can also wear them semi-formally look as per your event demands.


Complex Design bands: On the other hand, quilting work, stitching work or other complex designs are added to these type of leather bracelet. Mostly, popular for casual use and suits with different looks and styles as well.

Black Stitching Style Leather Wristband for Men

Thin Rope Bands: The one is the regular bands that use by the people massively. These types are thin & lean, very easy to wear and it suits any type of get up.


Bracelet Size Guide:

There are different sizes are available for both male and female. here we are sharing men bracelet sizes below.

Small bracelet size 6 1/8 – 6 1/2 in.
Medium bracelet size 6 5/8 – 7 in.
Large bracelet size 7 1/8 – 7 1/2 in.
Extra Large bracelet size 7 5/8 – 8 in.
2X Extra Large bracelet size 8 1/8 – 8 1/2 in.
3X Extra Large bracelet size 8 5/ 9 – 9 in.
4X Extra Large bracelet 9 1/8 – 9 1/2 in.
5X Extra Large bracelet 9 5/8 – 10 in.

Buying Considerations:

Actually, choosing a leather bracelet is a little bit tricky. Because it is not cheap at all first. Then design, quality, craftsmanship, and leather all of those you need to consider before you buy.

Leather: The first and foremost factor is leather. You need to know about it cause if you are having a good one it will last long. If it is a bad one it lasts for a few years but it won’t last as much as the good ones. So, check it carefully and then buy it.

Stitching: So, its time for second priority when you are choosing is stitching. Cause the product you are buying is a small good if the stitching is not good or then it can tear anytime. So, check it properly and then buy the product.

Quality: The third priority of having a leather wrist band is the quality of the product. Here quality means the overall presentation and the longevity of the product. Though leather is a durable product if you are taking a PU leather or artificial key keeper then it won’t survive as much as leather and quality will also fall as well. So, buy a genuine one that will give you the best quality experience.

Accessories: Now the fourth priority of owning a leather bracelet is the accessories. Though a very little amount of accessories are used in a leather bracelet. But the leather lasts longer. On the other hand, accessories that have a fixed life span may be one year or two or three or more. This situation is fixed by the quality of the accessories. If you want a more sustainable leather wrist band then you should buy from a brand that maintains quality very seriously.

Color: The last one is the color. Many of us don’t bother about it. We just take the one which satisfies our eyes. But color really fact when you are matching with your other gears you are carrying with yourself.

How to Take Care:

Step One:

What we are gonna do hare is quick hand wipe. In order to do this, you need to use a cloth to wipe the leather to remove surface dirt, dust or other debris.

Step Two:

Here we are going to use moisturizing soap to clean the band. In order to do this, you need to take a fresh cloth and get it wet with lukewarm water. Pump out a few drops of the moisturizing liquid soap and rub two ends of the cloth together to create suds. Be sure to clean both sides of your band and not just the outer part.


After that take a clean cloth and dampen again with warm water. Wipe off the excess soap. Lay your leather band down on a paper towel or other surface and allow to air dry away from direct sunlight. This should only take 10 – 15 minutes. And this is how you can clean it properly.

Step three:

Once the band is completely dry now it’s time to apply a high-quality leather conditioner. However, there are many types of conditioners are available you need to choose to apply to the band. And this is how you can clean your band easily.

Bracelet Price:

There are different places, online shops, brands, and non-brands are selling bracelets. So, material-wise, brand value-wise, price varies to one place to another. Naturally, you have to explore the quality and pricing to choose a suitable one for you. Mostly, the leather bracelet price in Bangladesh starts from Tk. 450/- to Tk 2,500/-. Depending on the quality, service, brand value, and others.


Where to buy:

The answer is RAVEN. We provide quality leather, accessories, finishing, QC, and after service facility to our customers. In our production, we have leather jackets, bags, belts, gloves, socks, cardholder, passport cover, wristband, and other leather goods. On the other hand, more hundreds of review and recommendations of our customers. We provide both pre and after service very efficiently. If you purchase anything we are there for you to get the best product as per your need. However, If you are intending to buy a leather bracelet from online then you can order from our website: or visit our showroom directly.

Final Words:

In the end, it will be always your decision from which online shop you are purchasing your desired leather bracelet. Maybe you can take from us or you can buy from others as well. But to get proper service and quality you can choose us. So, be calm and choose wisely when you are buying from online stores. Happy shopping cheers.

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