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Chris Hemsworth’s Leather Jacket Collection

Chris Hemsworth’s Leather Jacket styles give viewers a new dimension. Chris is a person who is a very very famous and also talented actor. In his all movies, Chris Hemsworth act really different and his style was different. But his more than every movie he used to put different leather jacket. His career was started since 2004 is an Australian TV series known as Home and away. But after he joined in marvel team as the God of thunder Thor, he got a vast popularity worldwide. Some of  ...

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Blogs, Facts, Material, Men, Tips & Tricks

Leather Belt Shop/Market in Dhaka Bangladesh

Leather Belt Shop/Market in Dhaka Bangladesh is very common. In every shopping-mall inside and outside we find belt shop or market. Moreover, sometimes we can even purchase from the street-side shop. There is a less fixed place where we can actually purchase them with comfort. The main reason behind this problem the faux-leather or fabric and fake leather. Famous brands charge them more by telling original leather. For this common problem, Raven Leather bring a perfect solution for their  ...

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