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Leather Gym Bag Price and Shop in Bangladesh

If you regularly work out at a gym or practice and play a sport, then owning a great leather gym bag is a good idea. When you have a dedicated gym bag, you can establish a routine that will make your prep before a workout more convenient, that will make your time at the gym more efficient, and your post-exercise transport, laundering, and storage of fitness apparel and gear easier and more hygienic, too. A proper gym bag will have multiple compartments that can be used to create your own  ...

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Mujib Coat – Where to Buy and Price analysis

Mujib coat is an iconic dress code in Bangladesh. Many young and adult wears this coat as fashion and trend. Basically, this iconic coat was introduced by the legendary leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Soon this coat becomes a trend of his political party. Later this coat becomes a national iconic dress code. From general people to political phenomenon to sportsmen to businessmen to students. Just spread all over the country from Teknaf to Tetulia. Today this coat is not only a fashion it also  ...

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Men’s Leather Overcoat Price and Shop in Bangladesh

A leather overcoat is also popular as a leather trenchcoat, long coat, pullover, topcoat. Both male and female use this coat in order to get rid of rough weather. There are many rumors about the origin of the long coat. If we dug deep into the history then the introduction of a topcoat happens in the 18th century. Today, the trench coat is classified as a raincoat, which brings us to our starting point at the beginning of the nineteenth century. And the popularity spread like the wind. Due  ...

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Best Leather Jacket Collection in Bangladesh

Leather jackets are cool stuff and trendy product that all we know. Due to various designs and styles, leather jackets are always created hypes. Mostly, young and adult both have a great passion for the leather jacket. From there a question pop up in minds like what is the best leather jacket collection in Bangladesh? However, if you are looking for the best then there are a few criteria to be fulfilled. In this article, we are going to reveal those criteria and also show you a few  ...

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