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Official Leather Bag Shop and Price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an emerging economic power in Asia. So, lots of start-ups and corporate offices are increasing day by day. Around millions are working in these offices. Most of them have a common dress code and formal fashion code for the employees and employers of those corporate houses. They also maintain formal accessories fashion as well. And within these accessories bags are one of the important factors to keep pace with the corporate culture.

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There are many kinds of bags are available with different types of materials. Like leather, cotton canvas, denim, nylon, cordura, neoprene (synthetic rubbers) or mesh, etc materials are popular in the bag market. Out of those materials for an office guy, an official leather bag can make a great difference than other bags. It just reflects the personality, lifestyle, and authenticity of you. Here we are going to discuss the authorized shop and pricing of an official bag.


Buying Consideration:

Materials: The first thing when you are considering the durability of the material matters mainly. The choice of material likings differs from person to person depending on the purpose. Here is a few information about other consideration below:

Closure: If you are a frequent traveler then you should go for a double closure than one single flap closure. Because if you want to keep your things intact then you should go for double closure. If the main compartment has a zipper closure then you got the best security for your belongings. On the other hand, the flap closure to cover the zippered compartment will also give you complete protection as well. In case you are busy in travel and you forget to close the zipper, the flap closure might help to snap on the magnetic buttons and keeps your things safe from falling out.

Interior: The next one is the look of the interior of the bag. The padded interiors are good to store your electronics like a laptop, camera, iPad, etc. However, nylon lining is the topmost preferring lining to protect your interior. It also protects your items from direct contact with the material of the bag.

Workmanship: After That, the great workmanship represents the quality of finishing. The double stitching gives a neat look, and predominantly it increases the service life span of the bag. The perfect edges, looks, and life of the stitching are the main factors to praise the workmanship.

Straps:  Checking the adjustable straps and the quality to make your carry easier. If you are a biker or a cycle rider, then find the length of the strap and also choose the bag with the customizable strap. To pack the heaviest things closest to your back to ease the strain on your back the straps play a major role. The buckles connecting the straps should be of good quality to sustain the tension while carrying. The padded strap should be great for those who carry the long bag time with a lot of items.

Compartment/Pockets: Now time to consider the size of the compartment. You need to assure is the bag is good enough to keep your laptop and pull it out with ease. It is much preferable if the bag contains extra pockets for phone, cards, pen, and other everyday small stuff to compromise the take of the wallet as an extra carry. You should also check whether the bag allows easy access to all your items.

Shape: Finally, the shape of the shoulder bag depends purely on the individuals. If you want soft carry and an easy fit on your back, then you can prefer a small size bag. Or you want a professional output which will fit on your back then go with medium. If you want more than that then you can go with a large shape bag.

Authorized Shop ( Where to Buy in BD ):

There are a lot of brands, online shops, sellers are available here who sell leather bags. So, different types of quality, material, accessories, pricing, color, customer service, warranty, and others are available. To trust anyone you need to know about them, their products, customer service, and very importantly their product usability. But without buying you can not know it very well. If they have an online shop or social channels where you can see real customers reviews and recommendations. On this basis, you may belive them a little bit. Only when you see the product physically then you may believe a little bit more. Their brand value, customer service, return policy, behavior can turn your belief into a trust to buy from here.


RAVEN is a trusted brand who follows all those procedures to make your shopping in a better way. You can order from both online and offline. For online you can order from the website and for offline you can visit the showroom and make your order.


Price Analysis:

When you are thinking of having one of these types of bags then pricing is the factor to own it. However, Leather is a luxurious product and it last longer. With times it becomes a diamond from graphite. Though the comparison may not accurate if you are thinking about the whole process of graphite becoming diamond. Actually, it takes 100 to 150 years or more to become a diamond. Leather is like old wine, the more it is old the better it tastes. And leather has antique value as well. Pricing for an official leather bag in Bangladesh differs from brand to brand and markets to markets.


In RAVEN we try to provide a reasonable price. Our official leather bags are just in your reach. Our office bags price range starts from Tk. 3,800/- to 5,000/- currently. We also offer discounts and after service as well. Because all of those bags are made in our factory and we have leather and accessories as well. Any kind of problems we can fix very easily. So, whichever bag you choose for yourself it would be a good investment for you. Which will be last long and reliable?

Final Words:

In the end, all we can tell you that if you are looking for something that complements your lifestyle then our office bags are perfect for you. Choose wisely as per your purpose and make a good companion for yourself. Happy shopping cheers.

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