Online Jacket Collections in Dhaka Bangladesh

Online Jacket Collections in Dhaka Bangladesh is quite impressive. Day by day people is getting more stylish and fashionable. And they addicted to foreign products.  Though nowadays our country manufactures good quality products.  So the customer is slowly diverting. So the collection of jackets is updating also increasing. As a result of the collection of leather jacket updating.

Nowadays men and women also interested in leather products highly. And our new generation becomes more trendy. They like various types of designs like the moto-riding jacket, bomber jacket, Classic jacket, and many more. Some famous leather jacket category will be discussed below.

Rider jacket: Bike rider jacket is quite much famous in our and worldwide. Though another name of this jacket is perfecto. Most often worn by motorcyclists. In this design the is the variety of pockets and zippers. The D-packet design gives this jacket a vintage look. Biker jacket gives a casual look, for those jeans are the best option to wear.

Al Fahad Bari Wearing RW-10 Biker Jacket from RAVEN

Flight jacket: This simple jacket always has a central zipper and fitted in waist and cuff also. The material, fitting shape, and style of the jacket give you a more comfortable feeling. This simple jacket can wear with denim and a t-shirt or chambray shirt. Sometimes it’s a good alternative with the suite.

RJ-10 Slim Fit Shirt Collar Aviator Jacket
RJ-10 Slim Fit Shirt Collar Aviator Jacket

Field Jacket: These types of jackets are the semi-long jacket. And also multiple pockets are added. And the rich finishing of this jacket shows you more extraordinary.


Racing Jacket: These types of jackets mostly used by the stylish person. So the construction that jacket multiple pockets and the long zipper. Besides these jackets named rocker version but anyone can use it.

RX-02-Black- Cropped-Slim-Fit-Jacket-For-Men
RX-02-Black- Cropped-Slim-Fit-Jacket-For-Men

The Twist of color: Who doesn’t like the color? Though sometimes the twist of color gives you more perfection.

RW-10-(-R-) Cropped Slim Fit Quilted Biker Jacket For Men
RW-10-(-R-) Cropped Slim Fit Quilted Biker Jacket For Men

For women, some jackets are more famous in our country. Those are illustrated underneath.

White colorless leather jacket by RAVEN

Collarless leather Jacket: Girls things need to be the perfect combination. In fact, their design should be perfect though. For this reason, the collarless leather gives them an authentic look.

Women classic moto leather jacket by RAVEN

The Classic moto: when you want to be classy fist thing you need is the clothing. And the classic moto leather jacket is perfect for a classy look.

Crop half Women leather jacket by RAVEN

Cropped Quilted Jacket: The design of this jacket extra is short. So the basic design in long sleeve and short in height. Therefore, it looks more eye-catchy.

NR-08 Black-Side-Quilted-Cropped-Ladies-Jacket-Front
NR-08 Cropped Quilted Jacket for women

Price Analysis:

So far we have to persuade you about the Online Jacket Collections. There are a lot of online brand shops are available who are selling leather jackets. Moreover, these jackets are made with different materials as well. Like leather, cotton fabric, polyester, PU Leather, etc. So, the price range of these materials is also different.

A biker jacket price starts from Tk. 9,000/- to Tk. 14,000/-. On the other hand, a bomber jacket price starts from Tk. 9,000/- to Tk. 12,000/-. And a quilted slim fit leather jacket price starts from Tk. 8,750/- to Tk. 16,000/-. Moreover, a racing Jacket, a field jacket, a cropped jacket can cost you Tk. 8,800/-  17,500/- plus. It all depends on brand value, quality, finishing, costing, and others.

Where to Buy:

One of the main concerns for any customer is where to buy the Online Jacket Collections in Bd. Then what type of leather jacket will suit him. After that which type of material will be better to use as a leather jacket. And finally, Is there any shop or brand that tailor custom-made leather jackets? All of the questions are really valuable when you are willing to invest your money in the jacket.


And your investment will be proper when you are buying your jacket from an authentic brand or shop or online shop. If you are willing to co-operate with the authentic online shop then you can go with RAVEN.

On Facebook, they have 4.7 ratings and on Google 4.2 shows their commitment to fulfill via their service. Moreover, thousands of happy customers are genuine proof to trust them properly. If you want to make true your fantasy then goes with RAVEN will be a wise decision.

We provide both pre and after service very efficiently. If you purchase anything we are there for you to get the best product as per your need. However, If you are intending to buy a leather dog tag from online then you can order from our website: or visit our showroom directly.

Final Words:

Our country best for napa leather. Consequently RAVEN make sure the quality of the product. And trying to upgrade the fashion trend with the flow of fashion. They always remind designing a product of a classy trend. So the leather is authentic and one of the most ancient clothing for the human. The fact is how to present it with this era. RAVEN is doing this same thing. More than 7 years of leather jacket manufacturing with 200+ unique design developed through their custom made jacket facility.

Visiting Hours Charts of RAVEN
Visiting Hours Charts of RAVEN

If you are not satisfied with ready-made one then you can also make the custom made options. Here you can add some function if there is an allowance of that. Or you may change the design as well. All of these can be precise to fulfill your requirements. In between design development, pattern making and other procedure will be prepare to make the order correctly.  But the costing will differ from the regular price. But the costing will differ from the regular price.

And finally, the after-sales service is also available with how to maintain your dog tag, How to make your dog tag shinny and new, How to prevent fungal attack properly for better maintenance and so on. All of those tips and tricks are from leather experts and genuine. So, if you are intending to buy them then buy them from here you won’t regret at all. If you want to make true your fantasy then goes with RAVEN will be a wise decision. On the other hand, Online Jacket Collections in Dhaka Bangladesh may be a popular trend in the near future. Thanks for reading this article.

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