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Original/Genuine leather Jacket in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Original/Genuine leather Jacket in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Pretty unpleasant to answer whether Original/Genuine Leather Jackets are available in Dhaka or even in Bangladesh!! Oh, do we know that Leather of Bangladesh is World Class? The leather of Bangladesh is certified by professional and many experts. Bangladesh is the top competitor in the leather market in the row of Pakistan/India etc.

RA-02 Genuine Leather Jacket Dhaka Bangladesh

However, the top fashion brand of Bangladesh sells less amount of genuine leather jacket. Mostly they focus on fabrics jacket, Polyester Jacket, Synthetics Jacket which is commonly known as Rexene and so on.

To make Original/Genuine leather Jacket in Dhaka Bangladesh which thing need most! After all, Bangladesh has a whole lot of raw materials! Entrepreneur!! Yes, that’s matters!!

Price Analysis:

So far we have to persuade you about the genuine leather jacket. There are a lot of online brand shops are available who are selling rider jackets. Moreover, these jackets are made with different material as well. Like leather, cotton fabric, polyester, etc. So, the price range of these materials is also different. A cotton college jacket with hoodie price starts from Tk. 8,00/- to Tk.4,000/-. On the other hand, a polyester flight jacket price starts from Tk. 600/- to Tk. 4500/-. Finally, a leather flight jacket price starts from Tk. 9,250/- to Tk. 50,000/-. It all depends on brand value, quality, finishing, costing and others.

RJ-02 Genuine Leather Jacket Dhaka Bangladesh

Where to Buy:

RAVEN is one of few in this case that makes a difference in the scenario. RAVEN makes original leather Jacket in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 2012-13. Afterword’s a success in online platform RAVEN continuing the journey. This year RAVEN will also bring the trendy design in a leather jacket. RAVEN is quiet professional in original leather Jacket in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Run by top professional Technologist from ILET, DU. RAVEN always do Genuine leather Jacket; that’s guaranteed by the creative director.

Showroom Address Of RAVEN

As many people say that “Original/Genuine leather Jacket in Dhaka, Bangladesh is quite tough, though”. Yes RAVEN agree with the statement but stepped up to make the change that RAVEN makes Original Leather Jacket in Dhaka Bangladesh. No compromising with originality or the origin of leather. RAVEN makes the leather jacket from Bangladeshi leather which collects from specific hides and carefully tanned in a manner to makes the leather jacket to meet up high-end customer various part of the country. Unlikely other shops/market RAVEN is an online shop and manages efficiently. RAVEN provides service as a customized leather jacket brand in the city, country.

Final Words:

In the end, if you want the best leather jacket then RAVEN will be your destination for both men and women. Cause RAVEN is the No. 1 leather jacket maker in Bangladesh. More than 7 years of experience in the leather jacket, bag manufacturing, and selling. They also provide a 10 years leather warranty. Another cool thing is they have both ready-made and custom made facility. In ready-made, they have sizes ( S, M, L, ) available to their store. If they are not satisfied with regular ready-made sizes then you can also order a custom-made bag as well. But the costing will differ from the regular price.


And the delivery date will be within 10 days ( for custom made ) after confirming your order. And finally, the after-sales service is also available with how to maintain your leather jacket, How to make you jacket shinney and new, How to prevent fungal attack properly, and where put your leather jacket in your house for better maintenance and so on. All of those tips and tricks are from leather experts and genuine. So, if you are intending to buy then buy it from here you won’t regret at all.

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