Original Ladies Leather Handbag/Purse in Dhaka Bangladesh

Original ladies leather handbag/purse in Dhaka Bangladesh is highly dependable. Although girls always need handbag/purse cause they have to carry lots of personal things. And the style of those handbags and purse is gradually updating day by day. Before the 1900s its adding like a trend. And after world war II it’s got own commercial pattern. Though it was first discovered in Roman city and the birthplace of these bags is called Pompeii city. But before the 1900s it wasn’t fashionable.

Original Ladies Leather Handbag/Purse

Ladies Leather Handbags

By the passage of time, Original Ladies Leather Handbag/Purse become more fashionable. On the other hand, there are lots of faux-leather bags in the market or shop. Though nowadays most of the woman purchase their bag from the various online site. There is some unique design has been added which bags are most accepted by online and physical market also.

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Original Ladies Leather Handbag/Purse

Ladies Handbags With Various Colors

ladies leather handbag/purse:

#Day Satchel: The main side of this bag is its got extra space in this bag. This type bag usually shaped medium-large in size. And woman uses those bags for carrying daily things almost anything they need.

#Day Clutch: This types bag mostly used as the fashionable bag. The dimension of the bag is very small and cute. Though it may carry a lipstick and some small accessories such as money, coin, card. Best of going in dinner or event or in a party. This purse play with so many color styles and designs.

#Cross-body: Cross-body is a minor shape of Day-Satchel bag. And it’s can be carrying on the shoulder. It’s a very effective bag for the woman. They can carry lots of things they just need. Not heavy in weight.

#Evening Clutch: If anyone just confused about friends wedding which bag is perfect for her. Then Evening-Clutch is the perfect solution for her. This bag is also cute in size. Those bags got the most beautiful shape. Mostly carrying item is jewels.

#Medium-size Shoulder Bag: This type of bag used the worldwide for its shape. It got a medium size and the look of the bag is classy. For that reason woman/ ladies this types bags mostly.

#Casual Day Bag: This types of messenger used for many reasons. Some girls used this types of the bag to college or varsity.

#Chic Tote: All women or ladies want a bag that’s not too big or small. And the Chic Tote is the best solution. This bag size is perfect for official uses. Also, some woman carrying their household is those bag.

These bags are famous worldwide. Without it, there are lots of styles popular. RAVEN makes the simple way to choose first-grade leather bags with a good deal. And it has both virtual and physical store. So, if you want  Original Ladies Leather Handbag/Purse then we are the best bet with reasonable price and unique design.

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