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Original Leather Belt in Dhaka Bangladesh

Original Leather Belt in Dhaka Bangladesh is becoming the most popular. And online shopping is more reliable than physical shopping. In Bangladesh online shopping percentage becoming higher. Though it was just 23% of internet user shopping online. So it’s getting healthy day by day. Most of the people demand the original leather belt. But the lack of knowledge most of the people unable to find the genuine leather belt.

Dark Reddish Brown Color Genuine Leather Belt For Men

Dark Reddish Brown Color Genuine Leather Belt For Men

To identify original/ genuine leather belt by a person. A person has to know to identify genuine leather. The leather is a natural fabric. Here are some tips you can able to identify the genuine leather:

1. If any leather got labeled as (Man-made-material) then its surely synthetic leather.
2. Know about the manufacturer.
3. Original leather very often got some creases, wrinkles also scratch, and its best thing.
4. Smells of original leather are always musty smell and naturally avoid smells like plastic or chemicals.
5. For identifying original leather you can burn one side of the leather 5-10 sec. If it creates smells like plastic or its burns highly then it’s surely fake leather. (It’s only for test purpose)

Vintage Dark Brown Color Genuine Leather Belt

Vintage Dark Brown Color Genuine Leather Belt

6. Look at the edge closely. Original leather will be rough but synthetic leather will be perfect.
7. Original leather got an elasticity when its bend. Also, color slightly turn changes.
8. When you will touch a leather you will feel something warm. But the faux leather will feel you cold.
9. The durability of genuine leather much more than faux leather.

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Those are the basis for the need to recognize original leather. But some leather hard to recognize. Belt uses for many purposes.  And fashion depends on where we are going and what to do.

Vintage Reddish Maroon Color Genuine Leather Belt For Men

Vintage Reddish Maroon Color Genuine Leather Belt For Men

Does it depend on what program we have to face? If we are going to the job or any institutions we put a formal belt.  And if it’s for a party then it must be a casual one.

Price Analysis: 

In our country, there is someplace famous for the pure hanging belt. Such as Basundhara City, Jamuna Future Park, Tokyo Square, and many more places. We did they are also some places where we can find those belt at a cheap rate. But when you want to think about the quality, texture the craftsmanship and shape then you have to choose a unique one. Course there is much more differences between classic product and local made product. And the price depends on those particular subjects.

women-dark-brown-leather-belt (1)


Such as if you want to buy a leather belt from any local market that will cost you 300-1000/– BDT. And if you purchase from any well-reputed market like Basundhara or Jamuna then it will more then 2000-3000/- BDT. Sometimes it costs above 5000/- BDT for the premium quality. So there are lots of ladies belts used by women. Most of the girls in our country like the simple leather belt, complimentary women’s belt, D buckles belt and many more. For the premium look the mostly used handmade casual belt, narrow waist belt, soft leather waist belt, and corset waist belt and many more. So, Original Leather Belt in Dhaka Bangladesh is really available, all you need to find out the correct one to go with. 

Where to Buy:

One of the main concerns for any customer is where to buy the best Ladies Belt In Dhaka Bangladesh. Then what type of leather belt will suit him. After that which type of material will be better to use as a leather belt. And finally, Is there any shop or brand that tailor custom-made leather belt?


All of the questions are really valuable when you are willing to invest your money in the belt. And your investment will be proper when you are buying your belt from an authentic brand or shop or online shop. If you are willing to co-operate with the authentic online shop then you can go with RAVEN.

On Facebook, they have 4.7 appraisals and on Google 4.2 shows their obligation to satisfy by means of their administration. In addition, a huge number of cheerful clients are veritable evidence to confide in them appropriately. On the off chance that you need to make genuine your dream, goes with RAVEN will be an astute choice. Then again, Online Jacket Collections in Dhaka Bangladesh might be a well known pattern soon. Much obliged for perusing this article.

Thus, you could purchase or look at stunning coats from our shop in here. Cost is truly moderate, completing and fitting excellent. And you may consult to the expert to learn more about real leather, their types, finishing, along with accessories as well.

Final Words:

In the end, if you want Original Leather Belt in Dhaka Bangladesh then RAVEN will be your destination for women. Cause RAVEN is the No. 1 leather jacket maker in Bangladesh. More than 7 years of experience in the leather jacket, bag, belt manufacturing, and selling. They also provide a 3 years leather warranty. Another cool thing is they have both ready-made and custom made facility. In ready-made, they have standard sizes available to their store. If they are not satisfied with regular ready-made sizes then you can also order a custom-made belt as well. But the costing will differ from the regular price.

Visiting Hours Charts of RAVEN
Visiting Hours Charts of RAVEN

And the delivery date will be within 30 days ( for custom made ) after confirming your order. And finally, the after-sales service is also available with how to maintain your bags, How to make you belt shinney and new, How to prevent fungal attack properly, and where put your leather belt in your house for better maintenance and so on. All of those tips and tricks are from leather experts and genuine. So, if you are intending to buy them then buy them from here you won’t regret at all.

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