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Leather Jackets of RAVEN from Dhaka Bangladesh

If we want to appreciate our Customers and product with one quote this probably the best one from none other than Mr. Walt Disney, said it that, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

Customers photo of RA:02 jacket

Mr. Rahat in RA:02

Our Customer Mr.Rahat says https://www.facebook.com/MrCzarKhan/posts/1211432922250791:0
It is really true that we cannot fully express our appreciation by giving thanks once a year, or even every day of the year. We have received many good things and suggestions from our honorable Customers. If we describe ourselves, 4 years ago we were nobody. There was no one making custom made leather jacket at Dhaka in Bangladesh. There was a great issue of trusting someone who doesn’t have any showroom and also claiming for selling high-quality genuine leather jacket at Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Customers photo of RS:02 jacket

Mr. Ahnaf in RS:02

It is true that our local market selling  Faux or fake leather as genuine leather with the high price. So, for us, it was very challenging to provide product trust and reality to our Customers.But It is our loving Customers who find us trustworthy and give us the pleasure to work with their desire product. We can gratefully state that it is them who lead us to continue our journey and now we are successfully running our 4th season.  We are also celebrating 30k likes on the facebook page of RAVEN.

Customers photo of Mega Offer Jacket

Customer in Mega Offer Jacket

Here are some mentions which boost us for better implements:

Mr.Ahnaf says   https://www.facebook.com/MrCzarKhan/posts/1211432922250791:0

Mr.Rahat says  https://www.facebook.com/azrafhossain.rahat.9/posts/560675917471950:0

Mr. Saniul says https://www.facebook.com/saniul.ahsan.3/posts/670606413097088:0

Mr. Rupok says https://www.facebook.com/searchforrupok/posts/356749814674097:0

Thanks to all our honorable Customers of previous and present for giving us the opportunity to work with them with the best service possible. It is a great humbleness of those whom we have not had the delight of working with, thank you all for permitting us to share our story with you. We really hope that one day we can be helpful to you and the persons you care about. And the last not in the list we are also improving our customer service for your better service experience.

Customer Reviews

"Amazing quality, Fantastic customer service and very friendly people. All in all a very good destination for people with leather jacket fascination. I suggest people to trust them for their excellence."

"I like it,,,,hopefully it will much better in near future....."

Ashis Sarker Nir
| Service Holder

"best in Bangladesh for custom made leather jacket.."

"I've ordered a leather jacket from RAVEN. And I like it how they make it. Full customized jacket, which is unavailable in Dhaka except RAVEN. Good luck RAVEN!!"

Awal Hossen
| Service Holder

"Best custom made leather jackets available in Bangladesh. Happy with their service and the quality of their finished products is just astounding! Glad to be one of their Star customers. Special thanks to Siddique Bhai. :)"

Ahnaf Shahriar Khan
| Student

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