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Our Memorable Customers

Our Memorable Customer Azraf-Hossen-Rahat_RA-02_2016


If we want to appreciate Our Memorable Customer and product with one quote this probably the best one from none other than Mr. Walt Disney, said it that, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

Our Memorable Customer Hafizur Rahman_RR-04_2019

Hafizur Rahman_RR-04_2019

Our Memorable Customer Ima Sultana Charu says

We get her all of a sudden and she was looking for leather jacket. She trails one or two designs then she ask for size of that jacket. But we were unable to provide her size as it was out of stock. Then we offer her for a custom made jacket. On the reply she said she a very little time before moving the UK. Only a week she could provide us and we took the chance and take her order. Within the time we were able to provide her the jacket she ordered us. And she was very satisfied with our service and rest is words which she shared through her review.

Our Memorable Customer Ima Sultana Charu

Ima Sultana Charu Wears NW-07

Our Memorable Customer Mr.Rahat says

It is really true that we cannot fully express our appreciation by giving thanks once a year, or even every day of the year. We have received many good things and suggestions from our honorable Customers.

Our Memorable Customer Hasan-Mahmud_BR-02_2020


If we describe ourselves, 7 years ago we were nobody. There was no one making custom made leather jacket at Dhaka in Bangladesh. There was a great issue of trusting someone who doesn’t have any showroom and also claiming for selling high-quality genuine leather jacket at Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Our Memorable Customer photo of RS:02 jacket

Mr. Ahnaf in RS:02

It is true that our local market selling  Faux or fake leather as genuine leather at a high price. So, for us, it was very challenging to provide product trust and reality to our Customers. But It is our loving Customers who find us trustworthy and give us the pleasure to work with their desire product.

Our Memorable Customer Junaid Rushdi_RW-10_2019

Junaid Rushdi_RW-10_2019

We can gratefully state that it is they who lead us to continue our journey and now we are successfully running our 6th season.  We are also celebrating 40.2k likes on the Facebook page of RAVEN.

Our Memorable Customer Sabbir-Ahmed_BR-08_2019


Another Customer Mr. Intisar Hassan Tayeeb Says:

You will have a panic attack here in Bangladesh; if you are looking for authentic leather products. You will start having doubts since merchants are not honest and they are not committed. Now, you need a solution before your doubts turn into trauma that kills you in your nightmare. Here, “Raven”.

Our Memorable Customer 3

Our Memorable Customer 3

They are nightmares but not yours. They haunt dreams of other “Authentic” leather merchants. This brand got the package. [Quality, Budget, Authenticity, Style. You will not find their style and authenticity in any other stores in the market in such affordable budget. On the other hand, speaking of authenticity; they got excellant leather finishing on their jackets while they maintained the quality of inner cloth at an expert level.

Our Memorable Customer 4

Our Memorable Customer 4

They were readymade jackets. Imagine they are doing your custom dream design!!!Also, I bought belt-pouch from them. This one came with the style and class.Moreover, their leather gloves felt really comfortable. Review for them are yet to come after I start using them regularly. I will conclude with one simple sentence, “I highly recommend RAVEN and their products.”

Our Memorable Customer 5

Our Memorable Customer 5

Stories We Would Like to Share:

Every sale gives us a story from a new customer. We see the passion and affection of customers for the leather jackets.  When we receive an order, we realize it just a not order, it is a dream which we are fulfilling. Like this we get an order from Sylhet, Mr. Shakil contacts us via messenger and then provide us his measurements as per our instruction. After preparing the order we courier it to the delivery point Sylhet. And we asked him to share a photo and a review if possible. For a reply, we get this: He really appreciated our work and give us a photo like this.

Our Memorable Customer RW-10-Slim-Fit-Biker-Jacket-For-Men-in-BD


Now we are moving on to the next story and this story is pretty astonishing and interesting. Mr. Tanvir is following our page for a while and as he is a hardcore rider so he decides to get a leather jacket from us. And he arrives in the middle of December to place his order. On his first visit, he chooses the design RW-07 and receives it within 14 days after confirming the order. And he received the product and looking forward to wearing it at Christmas Party.  Unfortunately, he could not fulfill his plan due to lost the product while riding home.

Our Memorable Customer RW-07 Hybrid Biker Jacket for Men

BIBJ Hybrid Biker Jacket for Men

He searches the product where he feels that here he may fall it and also inquiry passersby about his jacket bag. Finally, one of the rickshaw pullers says one biker picks the jacket from the road. So, Mr. Tanvir became very disappointed with losing the jacket which was his first-ever leather jacket. With a loosen heart he ordered another one and finally, he got his jacket for which he was excited and desperate.

Here are some mentions which boost us for better implements:

Mr.Ahnaf says

Mr.Rahat says

Mr.Saniul says

Mr. Rupok says

Our Memorable Customer Md-Mozahidul-Islam-Rabbi_Slim-Cut-02


Final Words:

Thanks to all our honorable Customers of previous and present for giving us the opportunity to work with them with the best service possible. It is a great humbleness of those whom we have not had the delight of working with, thank you all for permitting us to share our story with you.

Our Memorable Customer Jem-Murtuza-Dollar_RW-07_2020


We really hope that one day we can be helpful to you and the persons you care about. And the last not on the list we are also improving our customer service for your better service experience. We will try our best to enhance our research & development team so that we can serve all of you at large scale.



In the end, if you want the best leather jacket then RAVEN will be your destination for both men and women. Cause RAVEN is the No. 1 leather jacket maker in Bangladesh. More than 7 years of experience in the leather jacket, bag manufacturing, and selling. They also provide a 10 years leather warranty. Another cool thing is they have both ready-made and custom made facility. In ready-made, they have sizes ( S, M, L, ) available to their store. If they are not satisfied with regular ready-made sizes then you can also order a custom-made jacket as well.

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