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How to Preserve and Procure Rawhide? Says Creative Director R K Hannan

According to Wikipedia Rawhide is a hide or animal skin that has not been exposed to tanning. It is the raw material for the leather industry So, it is very important to collect the best quality rawhide in order to tan the best quality leather.  And we all know the best quality leather is used for the best quality products. Here are some tips for Rawhide preserve and procure.

Please follow these steps in order to maintain the quality of Rawhide.

  1. Please remove hides and skin from the dead animal as soon as possible.
  2. Make sure there are no Flay Cut during slaughtering
  3. Use sharp knife to remove hide and skin from animal
  4. After that use some fabrics or jute to remove blood from the hides and skin
  5. Please do not use WATER to clean the hides/skin. (Water welcome VIRUS and BACTERIA)
  6. Please do not WASH removed skin/hides
  7. After that remove LEFT OVER FLESH from hides and skin (if any)
  8. Apply salt (Sodium Chloride, NaCl) in FLESH SIDE
  9. 5-10 Kg for Cow and Buffalo hide (depends upon size)
  10. 2-4 Kg for Goat and Sheepskin (also depend on size)

Our job is done here.  Let’s keep the Rawhide somewhere cool and dry place in shadow.

Photo of Rawhide from Bangladesh

Photo of Rawhide

If you follow this step your leather will be fine in quality for a long time, at least 1.5 to 2 years.

Please keep in mind that Leather is our natural resource and one of the finest raw material that we collect mostly in Eid-ul-Adha. During this time Bangladesh earns nearly 80% of demand for the year. In the world market, our leather has demand due to our weather and climate. Bangladesh’s weather is perfect for raising cattle. Our counties leather has fine fiber structure. And every year Bangladesh earns Billions of Export revenue from this leather sector.

As you know RAVEN is one of Leather Goods manufacturer and seller of Genuine Leather Jackets from Bangladesh we believe it is our responsibility to raise awareness about our leather. Please preserve your leather and sell it at the right price. Again, remember those steps! Follow and Apply!


Best Regards

R. K. Hannan

Creative Director

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