RFG-04 Diamond Quilted Full Hand Gloves

৳ 1,657.50

Shell Material:  100% Original Leather

Leather Type:   Sheep Leather

Finished Type:  Semi Chrome Aniline Finished

Color: Black

Lining: Artificial Fur/Fabric

Closer Type: Loop Belt

Touch & Finishing: Soft, Smooth, very comfortable.

Others:  Usable for Winter


Gloves are the protection from cold. When it is a real leather gloves then it is more comfortable in use. It also provide warmth with smooth touch & finish. Mostly, hand gloves are made with sheep leather because they are very soft, easy to move, and fit with hands very beautifully.

Moreover, there are various types of color available for gloves among them solid color are accepted popularly by both young & adult. When you are intend to protect yourself from Cold weather then Diamond Quilted Full Hand Gloves will be the choice for you. here are design details below:

Material Details of Diamond Quilted Full Hand Gloves:

Shell Material: Generally, all the gloves are made with 100% Original Leather here. That’s why they are very long lasting & user friendly. Anyone can use it at ease while driving, riding, moving from one place to another.

Leather Type:  Among all types of leather Sheep leather is the most eligible for gloves. Their natural construction of fiber make them very agile, comfortable. For this reason sheep leather is the basic material for gloves.

Finished Type: There are various types of finished are available for leather. Like vegetable finished, Chrome finished, Semi Chrome finished, Aniline Finished etc. Here semi chrome aniline finished leather is used for hand gloves.

Color: In leather, there are a few types of colors are available such as solid, duel tone, vintage tone, etc. But solid colors are much worthy & accepted to all for gloves. Black, Brown, Deep Chocolate, Red etc are common types for gloves.

Touch & Finishing: As mentioned earlier,  sheep leather is naturally Soft, Smooth, and  very much comfortable in use. So, touch & finishing of the gloves are unique. Only a user can feel that.


Design Details:

Top surface: In the upper the design consist of two parts one has box quilt and bottom parts are for finger wholes.

Rear Surface: Here couple of joints are stitching along with finger wholes to cover the rear part of the gloves. From wrist to toe all of them are covered with the whole design.

Size: Basically, gloves are divided in various sizes like S, M, L, XL, XXL and Free size etc. Here every design is made as a free size so that most people use them as per their need.

Closure:  This gloves have a loop belt closer which tied with a Velcro on the wrist.

Fitting: As it is   fitted with finger very beautifully.

Lining: Artificial Fur/ fabric are the basic lining for gloves.

Finger Touch: This feature is not available with the gloves.

Usable Season:  Diamond Quilted Full Hand Gloves are only usable in the Winter.


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