RJ-02 Slim Fit Shirt Style Jacket

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Are you looking for a Something unique and not regular? Then you can see our brand new RJ-02 Slim Fit Shirt Style Jacket. If you love experimental fashion and also want to look classy and posh, then you will be surely charmed by our new jacket. It is a brand new jacket for winter 2018.

Genuine Leather Jacket
Available Color: Black ( also available in Brown and Chocolate as customized order)
Upper: 100% Leather
Lining: Satin (also available in Polyester/Filler/Fur/Cotton as customized order)
Sleeves: Zipped Open n Closed (also available in Blazer/Cuff/Button style in the custom order)
Collar: Button (also available in Open and Buckle in the custom order)
Zipper:  Metal (Antique)

Available Sizes: XS, S, M, XM, L, XL (XXL and XXXL are entitled to custom order)

15% discount offer ( Custom Made & Ready-to-wear)1 - 115 %


Are you looking for something unique and not regular? Then you can see our brand new RJ-02 Slim Fit Shirt Style Jacket. If you love experimental fashion and also want to look classy and posh, then you will be surely charmed by our new jacket. It is a brand new jacket for winter 2018. With features like the default, color is Black and also the Leather is Cow Hide,  Four pockets in the front and an inner pocket is also available inside, the shoulder has no extra design, a plain backside design, the inner lining is Satin and so on. This cool jacket is a new arrival for RAVEN Winter Collection 2018-2019. For more details please read below:

If this size doesn’t fit you then submit the customized order. We also make customized Leather Jacket on-demand and Customer Choice/Design.

1. The leather of the Shirt Style Jacket

The leather used in this Shirt Style Jacket is chrome tanned semi-aniline finished. And this type of leather is usually very soft and very comfortable to wear it.

2. The Length of the Shirt Style Jacket

Another important part of the leather jacket is its length. Cause there are two types of them. One is a cropped jacket means the length will end exactly at your waist. It is also known as short length jacket. And the other one is a regular length which ends at your hips.  If you’re buying a leather jacket to work with dresses then a cropped jacket is really flattering, but if you want to wear them with jeans then the longer length works best.

3. The Hardware of the Shirt Style Jacket

Make sure to check the color of the leather/hardware. A simple mistake here could cause a perfect leather jacket to be left sitting in the wardrobe because it doesn’t work with the rest of your accessories. But this jacket is available in Black, Brown, and Chocolate color.

4. The Shoulder Alignment of Shirt Style Jacket

The shoulders alignment is perfectly aligned by sizes. So, you have four basic sizes for this one like S, M, L, XL. If they are not fit you we have a custom made leather jacket facility. Where we will make a jacket as per your body measurements. And the shoulder has quilting work as well.

5. The Lapel/collar of the Shirt Style Jacket

Basically, this design doesn’t have any Lapel. But it has a shirt style collar and also has a button on the neck section to close the jacket neck. And this unique neck style makes the jacket design more authentic and gorgeous.

6. The Lining of the Shirt Style Jacket

The lining is another important thing to watch out before buying a jacket. And this jacket has a Satin lining in the inner. The fur lining is also possible but only if you make a custom order then. Cause fur is unnecessary in Bangladeshi weather but if you want to use them abroad then you can take a fur lining.

7. The Zipper of the Shirt Style Jacket

The zipper uses in these jackets are all from YKK. So, you don’t need to worry about the zipper. Cause they are from well-reputed zipper supplier company YKK.

8. The Pockets of the Shirt Style Jacket

There are 2 pockets available in the front part of the jacket. Two chest flap pockets with snap buttons to close the pocket. And in the last, an inside pocket is also available in this jacket.

9. The Cuff of the Shirt Style Jacket

The cuff style of this jacket is very classic. Cause it has shirt style buttons to close the cuff. Specifically, they are known as snap buttons. And they are very user-friendly and also very easy to use. All you need to do is just open and close the snap buttons.

10. The Back of the Shirt Style Jacket

Many of us like a simple design in the back of the jacket. And this jacket has a simple design in the back. No extra design on the back to bother you and change your decision.


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