RVL-01 Vintage Looking Sporting Rider Jacket for Men

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RVL:01 Vintage Looking Sporting Rider Jacket for Men is a new product for jacket collection. This Vintage one is a great treat to any vintage leather lover.


RVL:01 Vintage Looking Sporting Rider Jacket for Men is a new product for jacket collection. This Vintage one is a great treat for any vintage leather lover. One of the key points is the combination. Cause it includes both vintage types of leather &  also a Sporting Rider jacket for men. If anyone desire for cool jacket then this Vintage Looking Sporting Rider Jacket is for him. With blue jeans and a pair of White snicker can change your look easily. You will find yourself authentic when you put on sunglass on eyes.



Material Details of Vintage Looking Sporting Rider Jacket:

Shell Material: Generally, all the jackets are made with 100% Original Leather here. That’s why they are very long lasting & user friendly. Anyone can use it at ease while driving, riding, moving from one place to another.

Leather Type:  Among all types of leather cow/ buffalo/sheep leather are the most eligible for leather jackets. Their natural construction of fiber make them very agile, comfortable.

Finished Type: There are various types of finished are available for leather. Like vegetable finished, Chrome finished, Semi Chrome finished, Aniline Finished etc. Here semi chrome aniline finished leather is used for jackets.

Color: In leather, there are a few types of colors are available such as solid, duel tone, vintage tone, etc. But solid colors are much worthy & accepted to all for gloves. Black, Brown, Deep Chocolate, Red, Dark Tan Color, Reddish Vintage Brown, Vintage Dark Greenish Brown, etc. are common types for jackets.

Touch & Finishing: As mentioned earlier,  sheep/cow/buffalo leather is naturally Soft, Smooth, and  very much comfortable in use. So, touch & finishing of the gloves are unique. Only a user can feel that.


With features like default color is vintage duel tone brown and also the Leather is Cow Hide,  No zip pocket in the front, only two open pockets are available in the waist area. And an inner pocket is also available inside, shoulder quilting is there on the shoulders, a plain backside design, an inner lining is called Satin for lining.  Another important part of the leather jacket is its length. Cause there are two types of them.

One is a cropped jacket means the length will end exactly at your waist. It is also known as short length jacket. And the other one is a regular length which ends at your hips. Sleeves are also have quilt work.  The cuff style of this jacket is very Stylish. Cause it has a zip closer to close the cuff. But in this specific design zip closer is on the top of the sleeve to make this one more trendy and fashionable.

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