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Properties Of Cow Leather

Cowhide leather has many properties. For making it a superior material for upholstery, clothing, hats, handbags, belts, and footwear.

Cow Leather of Bangladesh

Cow of Bangladesh

Some of its properties are:

  1. Strength and durability:

    It is thicker, stronger and less prone to cracking than other animal leather.

  2. Flexibility: This leather is flexible, breathable and supple while conforming to the wearer’s body shape.
  3. Grain Properties: The highest quality cowhide leather is full grain leather.It’s the strongest grade, from the highest level of the cow’s skin, just under the hair leather.
  4. Waterproof: Among other leather has very nice waterproof ability than other leather.
  5. Does not rip or tear easily: It has very strong fiber bonding which why cow leather does not rip
    or tear easily.
  6. Thick: This leather normally thicker than any domestic livestock. It is thick and heavy.
  7. Strong: Usually this is strong in nature. Strong inter fiber bonding is stronger than goat or sheep skin.
  8. Supple: Despite roughness and strong fiber attachment cow leather has greater suppleness.
  9. Comfortable to wear: With nice tanning and other operation cow leather is very comfortable to wear.
  10. Can be either dyed or left its natural color: Best of cow leather is it could leave its natural color. or could be used as demand color as per needed.
  11. Cowhides are naturally tough and long lasting: Due to its strong fiber composition cow hides are naturally tough and long lasting.
  12. Depending on processing and tanning: In tanning cow hide is very functional. almost every type of tanning could be applied on cow leather.
  13. Other Advantages: It naturally repels moisture, retains its shape, and resist sun and heat da1mage from exposure to cold, heat and UV-light.

In Bangladesh every year we yield mass production of leather. Among them, maximum is this leather. Cow leather is leather industries key raw material. Numerous leather goods and footwear made from this marvelous leather.

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