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PU Leather vs Genuine Leather | The Ultimate Analysis

PU Leather or Poly Synthetic Leather:

PU Leather, when contrasted with Real calfskin, is fundamentally the same as regarding look and believe. And it is exceptionally hard to differentiate between the genuine cowhide and PU Leather. In any case, PU Leather is eventually a man-made material. furthermore, it exists to give the look and feel of genuine calfskin at outstandingly bring down cost. And furthermore, it is far less tough, extensively less expensive and would not keep going long. For individuals hoping to purchase less expensive items, this is the approach yet its life is considerably shorter and would rapidly lose the sparkle and shading.

Photo of PU Leather vs Genuine Leather

PU Leather vs Genuine Leather

Real or Genuine Leather:

Real or Genuine Leather is a natural gift to the human being. Basically, it is processed or made from the Animal Skins mainly cattle hide like cows, goats, sheeps, etc. A very common thing about genuine Leather products that it will last you a lifetime and are very durable. The best way to tell difference is by looking at the imperfections on the leather surface. The Genuine Leather surface will have a difference of color as the natural skin. Also, Genuine Leather feels smooth and buttery. On the other hand, the fake version feels more like plastic. The Real Leather product also has a very distinctive smell (that does fade away with time). While the faux leather product does not have any smell or smells like plastic or vinyl. As it is very durable so proper care needs to be taken while using genuine leather. We also need to take proper care to avoid the leather from getting wet and keep it away from chemicals such as perfumes, curry, etc.


From above mentions, now we are very clear about PU Leather and Genuine Leather. Let’s see some differences between them below.

Photo of Photo PU Leather vs Genuine Leather

PU Leather vs Genuine Leather:

Genuine LeatherPolyurethane
DurabilityGenerally, it is very durable (10-15 years if maintained well), used in rugged conditions, but will fade in sun and degrade with is durable for 1 to 2 years max. After that time it is susceptible to cracking and UV damage.
MaterialAnimal or Raw hides treated with chemicals.Plastic
CostPremium price luxury item; much more expensive compared to fake leather.Much cheaper than genuine leather
WashableUsually no. But Dry Cleaning is also possible on expert opinion.Yes
ColorsGenuine Leather has many variations in color.Many
Animal-friendlyProne to scratches but better for allergies because leather does not trap allergens like pet danderYes
CareHigher maintenance requires treatment to prevent aging.Easy to clean/wipe
SurfaceShiny and Matt both are possible. Shiny and Matt both are possible.

From PU Leather vs Genuine Leather table, we learn the basics of genuine and Pu Leather. In RAVEN, we always encourage our customers to buy the genuine leather jacket. We provide 10 years leather warranty with conditions. And we also provide leather jacket maintenance as well.  Whatever you would like to buy it will be always your decision. But before buying take a look at it and decide.

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