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RAVEN calls for Creative Writer

RAVEN calls for Creative Writer

Post: Creative Writer

Job Description: Writing specific content base on Leather Accessories like bags, shoe, purse, wallet etc.

Moto:Be Driven By Passion of Leather


Creative WritterQualifications:

  • Ability to write in English and Bengali
  • Ability to surf internet. Specially efficient in search engine Google, yahoo, Bing or Yandex
  • Ability to understand basic of Fashion/Trends/Market
  • Ability to use Social Media like Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn/Instagram etc.

Prioritize Factor:

  • Disciple of any department/faculty/ Institute from University of Dhaka
  • Disciple of any department from BRAC University
  • Good Understanding on Leather/Leather Accessories
  • Disciple of English Literature from any University of Bangladesh

Salary/Mode of Payment: Part-time/Contractual Basis/ per Content/Negotiable

 Other Benefits: Further possibility to join permanently in RAVEN TEAM.


If you are interested in this job offer please mail your Résumé/CV to with letter of interest to Creative Director of

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