Leather Jacket Showroom in Mirpur: If you love to choose products from a vast collection and if you love to wear unique designs you can give a trial to our Mirpur showroom. Here we have 70+ Models and Many colored leather jackets with sizes available (S, XS, M, XM, L, XL). Inspired by the most loved models of the jacket world, we also do have some models like wolverine worn in X-MEN, Tom Cruise from Mission impossible, and the Biker jacket. And we do have designs for our female customers as well.

Mirpur showroom’s an inside view

Leather Bag Showroom in Mirpur: The bag is the most important stuff in our regular life. So, it should be stylish and comfortable for our bodies. We develop our leather bags thinking about all these issues. So executive bags, office bags, laptop pouches. Then we do have some pretty backpacks. Available in various colors with different embosses, these, in particular, make these look so attractive. Also side bags small or medium sizes along with tool bag which has many compartments 

Leather Shop-Showroom in Mirpur: leather is our most ancient gift from mother nature, usually we have a nature-based attraction to it so everyone wants to wear genuine leather. And it has been quite an issue finding or understanding genuine leather. Here in RAVEN we provide not only genuine leather but premium leather. In our jackets, bags, and accessories we use the best quality leather. So in Mirpur, there is no leather shop available but us. Also in Dhaka, there are fewer leather products shops that provide good after-sale service with premium leather. So we proudly can say we have after-sale service that our customers are happy with. And we have a 10-year warranty on leather jackets. That proves how much concerned we are about our products 

Leather Accessories Showroom in Mirpur: We do have leather accessories like wallets, long wallets, filler folders, messenger bags small or medium, Russian tool bags, west bags, and leather socks. These are regular use kinds of stuff. These are available in varieties color. 

Showroom Location: RAVEN Mirpur showroom, we tried to choose an easy and simple location for our customers. So that they don’t feel the hassle to find. It’s basically in the center of Mirpur-1, near Mirpur 1 bus stand  MUKTO BANGLA SHOPPING COMPLEX, 3rd floor, 277& 278 no shop. Easier to find just near the middle escalator,s right-hand side. As area wise holiday weekend is Thursday. And we are open every day except Thursday and open from 10.00 AM  to 8.00 PM

Communication: We are always active for your service, Our Helpline Mirpur Showroom 01717873588. And if you come to visit the showroom you will always find our associates who are ready to serve you and help you out through the journey. And if you have any queries about Leathes, Jackets, or other accessories feel free to ask us. 

RAVEN Mirpur Branch google map

Shopping Mall’s Extra Feature: This shopping mall we are located in is quite big and very easy to find as we said it is in the heart of Mirpur or as well we can say middle in Dhaka. It has underground parking spaces so there won’t be a problem to park bikes or private cars, and the plus point is it has 3 gates for 3 ways people can choose any parking gate they want. And For public Transportation, every kind of bus goes through here. Consumers from Uttara, banani, gulshan,  Farmgate , Motijhil , Dhanmondi , Savar can easily find buses that direct to our location.

History and Opening of Showroom:  The history of RAVEN is filled with motivation, passion, and love for work. So when all these things come together undoubtedly this creates something appreciable. That’s how RAVEN is today. Consumers loving us love our products and appreciates our services towards them. It is the dream of a young entrepreneur. Who is dreaming about how to give the customer’s best quality jacket and other leather-related products in Bangladesh which is within the margin of world standard. RAVEN started its journey in 2013 from the dormitory of the Institute of Leather Engineering & Technology, University of Dhaka. After that in 2015 came offline places as an entry into the local market. Last 7 years we have been doing our job to provide the best quality leather and after-sale services. People are asking us to open our showrooms to their nearest location, this query we are getting from almost the whole of Bangladesh. Till today we have managed to open 2 showrooms, there is Dhaka Mirpur and Chattogram khulshi town center and we are aiming to open 2 more one in UTTARA and another one is in Sylhet. We are getting much love and appreciation from Sylhet people, which gives us a boost to run even faster.

Final Word/Conclusion 


We are on the run of making it bigger with as much love and appreciation as we are getting. Our purpose is to avail genuine leather products with style and vibe to all. Everyone should have at least one leather product to feel the connection to mother nature. Also, we try to bring the style and fashion of these new days. Making us more stylish and fashionable 

We are available on everything website and on social media Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. GIVE US A HI, WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO SEE YOU 

All Showroom Location

Dhaka Branch: 277-278, Mukto-Bangla Shopping Complex, Mirpur-1, Dhaka

 Helpline: +8801717873588

Chattogram Branch: 363, Concord Khulshi Town Center, Khulshi, Chattogram

 Helpline: +8801764488846

3. Uttara Branch: 304, RAK  Tower Shopping Complex, JoshimUddin Avenue , Uttara, Sector:3. Dhaka.
Helpline: +8801876353424

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