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How to Recognize Genuine Leather and Fake Leather

It is a burning question how we recognize genuine leather and fake leather. We become more confused when we purchase leather goods, whether it is genuine or fake. Due to their natural and elegant finish, leather has a class apart from any synthetic fiber. Gradually, we see many similar looking fake (faux) or synthetic materials are available in the market. There are some conflict terms used by marketers to mislead us to buy their products. We often fall into this trap. To get rid of these problems here are some basic tips to recognize them.

  1. Finger Challenge
  2. Smell Challenge
  3. Weight Challenge
  4. Detailed Surface Checking
  5.  Both side checking
  6.  Never cheap
  7.  Rough Edges
  8. Folding Challenge
  9.  Humidity Challenge
  10. Heat Challenge

Finger Challenge:

The finger Challenge is the easiest challenge for anyone to see the difference between genuine leather and fake leather. If we put one finger on the surface of genuine leather and push it, we will a spider web on the surface like the photo. On fake leather, we won’t see this spider web.

photo of genuine leather and fake(faux) leather

Smell Challenge:

Smell is the most tricky challenge for genuine leather and fake leather. Because of both types of leather has a different smell. But genuine leather odors animal and fake leather odors vinyl and chemical.

RAVEN photo of genuine leather and fake leather

Genuine Leather

Weight Challenge:

Genuine leather is Heavyweight and fake (faux) leather is light weight.

Detailed Surface Checking:

To ensure this challenge we have to check both types leather surface properly. Because the artificial leather is highly glossy but no visible pores or fine lines. On the other hand, genuine leather is smooth with tiny pores and fine lines. So, this is how we can differ both types of leather easily.

Both side checking:

The structure of fake (Faux) leather is different. It has a shiny upper surface.It also has fabric finish on another side. Instead, genuine leather has also same upper surface with rough leather fabric structure. So, genuine leather and fake leather differs greatly here.

RAVEN photo of genuine leather and fake leather

Fake Leather

Never cheap:

Fake (faux) leather may be available in cheap price. Instead, genuine leather is always expensive rarely ever cheap.

Rough Edges:

Genuine leather has rough edges where an Artificial (Faux) leather has even, perfect edges.

Folding Challenge:

The folding challenge is another smart way to differ genuine leather or fake (faux) leather. The fake (faux) leather folds easily but it does wrinkle or twist instead, genuine leather folds easily and doesn’t wrinkle or twist.

Humidity Challenge:

If we drop a little amount of water on the genuine leather it will absorb moisture. But fake (faux) leather will never do that.

Heat Challenge:

Genuine leather is heat resistant but fake leather isn’t like genuine. So, it will burn.
So, if you are planning to buy a top quality leather product, which is quite expensive, you must be able to recognize genuine leather & artificial (faux) leather or synthetic leather on your own. Besides these basic tests, there are many advanced tests determine quality, Strengths, and other tests.

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