Blazer Price in Bangladesh

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Blazer Price in Bangladesh is a very common query on the internet in Bangladesh. A lot of people are querying on the search engine regularly in the winter season. Their queries are like Men Blazer shop in BD, Blazer Price in BD, Online Blazer Shop in BD, Cheap Blazer in BD, Men Leather Blazer price etc. Form these query they are trying to find a proper blazer within their budget. Though the budget is always uncertain. Cause before the budget there are few different criteria which are considered primary concern. (more…)

Online Blazer Shopping in Bangladesh

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Online Blazer Shopping in Bangladesh is a new trend of the internet browsing. In the past, people need to wait for seasons and occasions, and then they also need to go to the shops physically. But recently, people can order them online. This facility helps people to save their valuable time and they don’t need to present physically anymore. Another better thing is the measurement which you can give it online as per your body fitting. Basically, a standard blazer is a completely crucial wardrobe item for your clothing. And Blazers are really pricey buys that requires much consideration before you are ready to buy a blazer online. But in the current days, it’s possible to find affordable, fashionable blazers online for as little as Tk. 2000. There is a lot of variation in the price range of the blazer markets and shops. (more…)

Winter Clothes in Bangladesh

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Initial Scenario of Winter Clothes in Bangladesh:

Winter is fading away with nature. Winter is knocking at the door, only a month away. Cause blossom wind will be blowing in the air, with grass will be covered with dew drops in the early morning. According to the weather forecast, winter would hit all over Bangladesh within one or two months.  Especially, in north Bengal of Bangladesh seriously. A warm welcome is waiting at the door for the winter. And the rush is started for winter clothing. People started buying from the different fashion house, some going for the tailor, for their own taste. There has been variation in winter clothing, this time around.

However, the young people look around for a new trend, with comfortable clothing. They want to represent themselves, in their own way. And the clothing for male includes sweater, shawl, suits, blazer, and jackets. A jacket is the most popular of them all. There are some local brand and foreign as well, selling these winter clothing. These are made of denim, wool, canvas, cord, leather, and rexine. Leather, rexine, and canvas are most highly in demand choices. All types of jackets are made with zipper, patchwork, embroidery,  and button. And these combinations attract not only young people but also elders and adults as well.

Leather Jacket Collection from Dhaka Bangladesh (more…)

Types of Jacket in BD(Bangladesh)

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Initial Statement on Types of Jacket in BD:

Types of Jacket in Bd has a diversity so as the seasons of Bangladesh. Each season has its own particular unmistakable shading. It’s winter here. Winter is one of the astounding seasons here when each morning will entrance you with its new secrets ceaselessly. Aah! Winter bloom. Winter is the season when you will see the greater part of the lovely blossoms in your garden, veranda or in the flower markets. You can’t, however, observe the excellence of winter mornings and night. No other season will give you an indistinguishable inclination from winter does. Here comes the most intriguing piece of winter that is the tastiness of winter’s foodstuff. Various types of Pitha, Payesh, Rosh will without a doubt hit your taste bud with a grand inclination.

Types of Jacket in Bd Cover Photo

Types of Jacket in Bd


Winter Jacket Price in BD | Bangladesh

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Winter Jacket Price in BD differs from brand to brand and material to material. There has been a huge variety in winter jacket market in Bd. Though men, women, and children are the priority for the winter season, the environment is the key point here. Cause Bangladesh is a high humidity country with six different seasons. And each season is different from other and the stays only 2 to 3 months. So, winter lasts 2 or 2.5 months around in Bd. And when it starts initial days are not as cold as winter expect. It needs 10 to 15 days to chill the weather and bring the cold here. So, you can it’s a really complicated environment here in Bd.

Cover Photo for Winter Jacket Price in Bangladesh (BD)

Winter is Coming !!

Because of this weather, people wear different outerwear to protect themselves. Traditionally Shawl and Sweater are the common winterwear for Bangladeshis. But other types of winter clothing like Jacket, Blazer, Hoodies, Shirts, Full sleeve T-shirts and Sports jackets are also included in this list. Without any delay, let’s dive into the Winter Jacket Price in BD discussion below: (more…)

Ladies Belt In BD (Dhaka Bangladesh)

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New generation women are getting stylish so the fac shows the fat ladies belt in Dhaka Bangladesh is getting quite much popular. If you look around we can find there are lots of brands selling those belts.
In the meantime with discovered something more interesting. For some quite few reason girls nowadays like to shop by online. The main factors are some well-known brands try to keep proper customer satisfaction maintain their brands.
Photo of Panther Stripe Leather Ladies Belt in Dhaka Bangladesh

Orginal Leather Belt for ladies

We all know the belt is our ancient style. Do it was only for men. But nowadays the girls are also interested. And the basic reason behind this fact is a girl and the basic reason behind this fact is girls are using lot much more dress up like jeans, long party dresses, jackets with a belt and much more.


Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female

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Whats up guys today I want to show you a portable Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female that might have for your daily life. As you all know our modern technology is working on the portable thing. As an example computer mobile phone tablet so why we don’t think about the bag.

Front Side View of Black Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female

RAVEN original leather Messenger RTB:02 Price: 2500/- BDT


Ladies leather belt buy online in Dhaka Bangladesh

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When we are talking about Ladies leather belt buy online in Dhaka Bangladesh, it quite much Reynolds. Basically, there is some well-reputed brands are selling those belts. By the way, girl’s thing needs to be perfect. For that particular reason in our country, online leather belt shop for a female is becoming familiar.

The main problem is some online brand are selling leather belt called them the genuine leather belt. The lack of finishing craftsmanship makes the customer heartbreak. For this kind of complain women are not trusting those online bands.

Nowadays leather belt used by both men and women.

There are some types of leather belt popular in our country mostly preferred by women.

Simple leather belt:

It’s basically made of pure leather. The dimension is 7.2 in length and 10 cm width. This construction of the belt attached by side clasp. Basically used as a party wear.Light Pink Ladies leather belt buy online in Dhaka Bangladesh


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