In Winter Make Yourself Stylish with Leather Jacket

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In Winter Make Yourself Stylish by all you got. But its very much depends on your clothing though. In winter we get an opportunity to put lots of stylish dresses like Jacket, Long Blazer, overcoat and much more. In our country winter stays above three months. But most of the people are waiting for the winter. It’s perfect for making a trip and spending as a vacation.

So this moment when winter comes people all types of ages tries to be concern about winter clothing. Most of the people in our country prefer wool jumper, leather jacket, blazer and something like this things.
In winter leather jacket is the perfect clothing to make yourself more handsome look. And leather jacket gives you a vintage style with perfection. In our country some types of leather jackets are popular. And there are five types famous into the whole of our country also.

The Classic: The classic leather jacket got long sleeves and also slim fit. And it’s perfectly designed for the motor biker. And if you are a cafe racer then you must carry a leather jacket to prove it true. Its body length is shorter and customized for motorbike rider.In Winter Make Yourself Stylish with Blazer Style Collar Jacket photo (more…)

Different Types of Finished Leather

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Image of Different types of finished leather

Different types of finished leather

There are different kinds of finished leather. For better understanding for our reader today I will discuss some common used leather in our daily and special fashion ware off Leather.


ANILINE FINISH: Aniline finish could be applied over all type tanned leather such as: Vegetable Tanned Leather, Full Chrome Tanned and Semi-Chrome Leather. Aniline Finished Leather is MOST used leather in entire world.  (more…)

Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket for Men in Bangladesh

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Pre-history of Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket:

Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket is a new feature in Bangladesh leather jacket industry. People are always interested in Custom Made leather Jacket facility. In the past, people had a few knowledge about leather and leather made products like Jacket, Bags, Belts, Money Bag/Wallet etc. We were so unlucky to even recognize them as real or fake leather. We often mix them with real leather to faux or artificial leather or fake leather to real leather. So, at that point, it was a really hard to think about Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket in Bangladesh.

Leather Storage Photo of Custom Made Genuine Leather Jacket

Leather Storage


Sheep Skin Properties: How to Identify

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Sheep Skin

Velvety Touch: Sheep skin is tender and extravagate kind of leather. Very “Luxurious Leather” among all leather. Natural lightweight layers give it a distinctive velvety touch


Properties Of Cow Leather

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Cowhide leather has many properties. For making it a superior material for upholstery, clothing, hats, handbags, belts, and footwear.

Cow Leather of Bangladesh

Cow of Bangladesh


Jacket Price in BD | The Ultimate Guide

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This photo is about Winter Jacket in Dhaka Bangladesh

Jacket price in BD is a burning question to all online or offline shoppers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Though it is a very tough choice to choose a perfect jacket with a range of  Tk.3000 to  Tk.25000. Cause in Bangladesh there are a lot of local & Internationa clothing brands like RAVEN, Yellow, Daraz, Sailor, Catseye, Gentle Park etc. They are bringing a variety of jackets each season to fall in love with their products. They also have the different price range for jackets. To get rid of this problem you can follow this ultimate guide of Jacket price in BD. (more…)

Ykk Zipper in Leather Jacket

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If we want to talk about Zippers then we have a pop-up in the mind is YKK Zipper. This zipper is one of the finest zipper company in the world. They manufacture approximately 90% of all zippers in over 206 facilities in 52 countries. Let’s know some in depth history & modern fashion of this legendary
YKK Zipper.

YKK Zipper Photo


Original Leather Belt in Dhaka Bangladesh

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Original Leather Belt in Dhaka Bangladesh is becoming most popular. And online shopping is more reliable than physical shopping. In Bangladesh online shopping percentage becoming higher. Though it was just 23% of the internet user shopping by online. So it’s getting healthy day by day. Most of the people demand original leather belt. But the lack of knowledge most of the people unable to find the genuine leather belt.

Brown color Original Leather Belt in Dhaka Bangladesh Photo

Original/Genuine Brown Leather Belt


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