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Leather Jacket in Bangladesh

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Sheep Skin Properties: How to Identify

What is Sheep Skin/Hide? Generally, sheep hide or skin is the material which we get from the animal called sheep. We all know about this matter, people like us who are familliar with this animal can easily recognize them. After collecting raw hide, finished leather procurements start. And several procedures take to get the finished leather. From that leather jackets, shoes, bags, wallets, cardholders, gloves, hats, slippers, footstools, automotive seat covers, baby and invalid rugs and  ...

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Why are leather products popular worldwide?

The history of leather usage is very ancient in human civilization. People have been using various types of leather products for years and years to fulfill their daily needs to luxury uses. This is one of the most versatile material, also very popular and well-known in the world. Like other countries, leather products are well known and used in Bangladesh. Leather goods are trendy, fashionable, available, comfortable and have an elite personality of its own kind. Here are some more reasons  ...

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