Terms & Conditions

1    General Terms & Conditions*

1.1 Please provide the right information for your invoice/shipping details.

1.2 You are solely responsible for your invoice information while purchasing.

1.3 You will have to pay prepayment as 50% of the voucher if you wish to get a customize service.

1.4 Ready to Wear purchased item  Delivery Time is 1-7 Working Days from the day of Order.  Customized Order Delivery Time is 14-30 Working Days from the Day of Order Confirmation.

(Additional 3-5 day may required for fittings & bespoke services for Customized Order)

1.5  Outside of Dhaka city full prepayment is required before taking delivery from Currier Service. Conditional, which is called VD(Value Declared Service) in local Currier.

1.6  If any product needs to be return for alter/refitting , it must be done within 90 days of delivery. Otherwise additional service charge required for processing the alter/fitting/shining and redelivery etc.

1.7 Used and damaged products cannot be returned.

2    Refund Policies*

As per the Bangladesh Digital Policy, that refund will be conduct within 5-7 working days from the day of Order cancelation from Customer.

3     Warranty

3.1  All our leather jackets come with a 10 years Warranty & Guarantee . Except for accidental burn, puncture, hard scratch, cut, fungal attack due to poor maintenance.

3.2 1 Year Free Replacement Warranty. If you found any trouble in our Jackets(Leather Mostly), we will give you 1year warranty free of cost.

4     Customization/Additional Charges*

3.1 General customization charge within RAVEN’s design 500/- BDT.

3.2 Customer provided design customization charge 1,000/- BDT.

3.3 Measurement taking charge from customer place 300/- BDT.

5    Shipping Charges*

4.1 Inside Dhaka city local delivery charge 150/- BDT. Time: 24-48 hours after booking confirmation from courier office.

4.2 Outside Dhaka city local delivery charge 120/- BDT. Time: 48-72 hours after booking confirmation from courier office.( mostly we use Sundarban Currier Service)

4.3 If ever the free delivery offer is running then it will be applicable for one time delivery only.

6    Storage Charge: If a customer jacket stays more than 3 months then a storage charge ( Tk. 100/- ) will be added per month.

[*RAVEN holds the right to alter any of these terms and conditions at any given condition.]

Last Updated:  02 November 2021 (Time: 12:20 am)