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Leather Belt Shop/Market in Dhaka Bangladesh

Leather Belt Shop/Market in Dhaka Bangladesh is very common. In every shopping-mall inside and outside we find a belt shop or market. Moreover, sometimes we can even purchase from the street-side shop. There is a less fixed place where we can actually purchase them with comfort. The main reason behind this problem the faux-leather or fabric and fake leather. Famous brands charge them more by telling original leather. For this common problem, Raven Leather brings a perfect solution for their  ...

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Original Leather Ladies Handbag/Purse in Dhaka Bangladesh

Original leather ladies handbag/purse in Dhaka Bangladesh is highly dependable. Although girls always need handbag/purse cause they have to carry lots of personal things. And the style of those handbags and purse is gradually updating day by day. Before the 1900s its adding like a trend. And after world war II it’s got its own commercial pattern. Though it was first discovered in the Roman city and the birthplace of these bags is called Pompeii city. But before the 1900s it  ...

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Ladies Leather Handbag/Purse Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

Ladies leather handbag/purse price in Dhaka Bangladesh is a common subject for ladies. In our country most often price depends on the brand name. There are many types of ladies leather handbag and purse shop in Dhaka Bangladesh. Some of them import from foreign countries. Though many countries import leather from Bangladesh. So typically in our country leather handbag/ purse bag is cheaper than most other countries. Though in Bangladesh we are manufacturing leather the purse price is not  ...

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Best part of Leather of an Animal: You Need to Know

Leather from different parts of the animal varies in its characteristics. Different parts of a hide have different parts of a hide that have different properties in terms of strength, flexibility, durability. This makes some parts of hiding more suitable in use. RAVEN‘s today’s post: Specifications of Best Parts: Butt/Bend: Butt is the best part of the leather (hides or skins). Fibers in this part of the hide are tightly packed therefore making it the strongest part of the skin.  ...

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