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Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female

What’s up guys today I want to show you a portable Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female that might have for your daily life. As you all know our modern technology is working on a portable thing. As an example, a computer mobile phone tablet so why we don’t think about the bag. In our daily life, we carry lots of essential things that beyond our necessary. And also the bag backpack is a caring problem sometimes and also the bag backpack is a caring problem sometimes.

So our company product developer has worked in the minimize the size and the developed the bag with some cool features that really help us. And this bag is designed for both men and women. So we can call it a Unisex portable bag. While we are riding on a trip we need to carry a lot of essential documents. Also, we can easily store them, and also a lock has been added to our primary safety.

A tool bag or side bag is popular by names like a messenger bag, courier bag or shoulder bag or carryall. Mainly, the bag wears over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back. On the other side, messenger bags sometimes use by courier men. But the designs make them now also an urban fashion icon among young and adult. Here we are going to check out the functions step by step below.


The first thing when you are considering the durability of the material matters mainly. The choice of material likings differs from person to person depending on the purpose. By the way leather is the first and oldest material us for a messenger bag and yet it is being used It gives a more professional and traditional look. Even after long use, it performs well. We have full-grain and top-grain leather which prepare from well-tanned leather. Thus, it offers a quality product.


After That, the great workmanship represents the quality of finishing. The double stitching gives a neat look, and predominantly it increases the service life span of the bag. The perfect edges, looks, and life of the stitching are the main factors to praise the workmanship. That’s why finishing is very important for tool bag. Now we are moving to the main structures of the tool bag.  


* 8th main pockets: This bag has eight main compartments. In those compartments, you may carry lots of essential things.

* 4 cardholder pockets: Four cardholder pockets have been added for keeping essential cards and also keep your own business card for distribution to others.

* 1 pen holder: Pen is also an essential thing for the official guys, business people, and students also.

* 1 Mobile pocket: In that mobile compartment, you can carry a mobile or power-bank such things like it.

Front Side View of Brown Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female


what you can carry?

  • You can use it as a wallet: You can use this bag as a wallet. And the more important thing is in this one bag we can use lots of different ways. So this bag is the best replacement for the wallet.
  • As a passport holder: When we are visiting another country passport is essential.  And also when we are traveling we need to carry the passport. This bag is the best solution for that traveler. They can easily store a passport with cash also lock it for the safety issue.
  • A driving license holder: When we riding something that needed a driving license then we must keep our personal license with us. This bag is the best solution for keeping those important things. Like driving license, blue-book, tax token, and fitness, etc.
  • A small water bottle: A small water bottle you can carry in this bag.
  • Some essential documents: Some essential documents we can store in this bag with a safety locker.
  • A sunglass box: For those who used glasses or sunglasses or lenses we can easily store them in this bag.
  • Mini size tab max 7 inches: Mini tab like 7” approx we can easily store in this bag.
  • Mini makeup box-for female: For girls, they can carry a mini size makeup box. And some other things they needed to carry.
  • The size of this bag is perfect for when a person wants to minimize his pain from carrying a bulb size bag. In this portable bag.

Front Side View of Black Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female


Price Analysis:

So far we have to persuade you about the unisex leather tool bag. There are a lot of online brand shops are available who are selling leather pouch bag. Moreover, these bags are made with different materials as well. Like leather, polyester, PU leather, etc. So, the price range of these materials is also different. A cotton bag price starts from Tk. 5,00/- to Tk. 1,500/-. On the other hand, a polyester pouch price starts from Tk. 8,00/- to Tk. 2,500/-. Finally, a leather bag price starts from Tk. 2,500/- to Tk. 3,800/- plus. It all depends on brand value, quality, finishing, costing, and others.

Where to Buy:

One of the main concerns for any customer is where to buy the best Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and females online in Bd. Then what type of leather handbag will suit him. After that which type of material will be better to use as a leather purse. And finally, Is there any shop or brand that tailor custom-made leather bag?


All of the questions are really valuable when you are willing to invest your money in the bag. And your investment will be proper when you are buying your bag from an authentic brand or shop or online shop. If you are willing to co-operate with the authentic online shop then you can go with RAVEN. On Facebook, they have 4.7 ratings and on Google 4.2 shows their commitment to fulfill via their service. Moreover, thousands of happy customers are genuine proof to trust them properly. If you want to make true your fantasy then goes with RAVEN will be a wise decision.

Final Words:

In the end, if you want the Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female then RAVEN will be your destination for both men and women. Cause RAVEN is the No. 1 leather jacket maker in Bangladesh. More than 7 years of experience in the leather jacket, bag manufacturing, and selling. They also provide a 3 years leather warranty. Another cool thing is they have both ready-made and custom made facility. In ready-made, they have sizes ( ( S, M, L, ) available to their store. If they are not satisfied with regular ready-made sizes then you can also order a custom-made bag as well.

Here you can add some function if there is an allowance of that. Or you may change the design as well. All of these can be precise to fulfill your requirements. In between design development, pattern making and other procedure will be prepare to make the order correctly.  But the costing will differ from the regular price. But the costing will differ from the regular price.

Visiting Hours Charts of RAVEN
Visiting Hours Charts of RAVEN

And the delivery date will be within 30 days ( for custom made ) after confirming your order. And finally, the after-sales service is also available with how to maintain your bags, How to make you bag shinney and new, How to prevent fungal attack properly, and where put your leather bag in your house for better maintenance and so on. All of those tips and tricks are from leather experts and genuine. So, if you are intending to buy them then buy them from here you won’t regret at all.

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