Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female

Whats up guys today I want to show you a portable Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female that might have for your daily life. As you all know our modern technology is working on the portable thing. As an example computer mobile phone tablet so why we don’t think about the bag.

Front Side View of Black Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female

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In our daily life, we carry lots of essential things that beyond our necessary. And also the bag backpack is caring problems sometimes and also the bag backpack is a caring problem sometimes. So our company product developer has worked in for the minimize the size and the developed the bag with some cool features that really help us. And this bag is designed for both men and women. So we can call it a Unisex portable bag. While we are riding on a trip we need to carry a lot of essential documents. Also, we can easily store them and also a lock has been added to our primary safety.

Front Side View of Brown Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female

RAVEN original leather Messenger RTB:01 Price: 2500/- BDT

The function is showing step by step.
* 8th main pockets: This bag has eight main compartments. In those compartments, you may carry lots of essential things.

* 4 card holder pockets: Four card holder pockets have been added for keep essential cards and also keep own business card for distribution to others.

* 1 pen holder: Pen is also essential things for the official guys, business people, and students also.

* 1 Mobile pocket: In that mobile compartment, you can carry a mobile or power-bank such things like it.

In this bag what you can carry?
* You can use as a wallet: You can use this bag as a wallet. And the more important thing is in this one bag we can use it lots of different ways. So this bag is the best replacement of wallet.

* As a passport holder: When we are visiting to another country passport is essential.  And also when we are traveling we need to carry the passport. This bag is the best solution for that traveler. They can easily store passport with cash also lock it for the safety issue.

* A driving license holder: When we riding something that needed a driving license then we must keep our personal license with us. In this bag is the best solution for keeping those important things. Like driving license, blue-book, tax token and fitness etc.

* A small water bottle: A small water bottle you can carry in this bag.

* Some essential documents: Some essential documents we can store in this bag with a safety locker.

* A sunglass box: For those who used glasses or sunglasses or lenses we can easily store them in this bag.
* Mini size tab max 7 inches: Mini tab like 7” approx we can easily store in this bag.

* Mini makeup box-for female: For girls, they can carry a mini size makeup box. And some other things they needed to carry.
The size of this bag is perfect for when a person wants to minimize his pain from carrying a bulb size bag. In this portable bag.

RAVEN always reminds designing a product with the classy trend. And the leather is authentic and one of the most ancient clothing for the human. Furthermore, the fact is how to present it with this era. So, RAVEN is doing this same thing. And we will keep introducing new products like this Toolbag or Travel Unisex purse for both Men and female.

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