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Why best quality leather is needed for leather jacket?

Over the past half-century, the leather jacket has solely worn by guys in biker gangs to one of the most versatile outer-layers a man can own. As at home with slim jeans on the weekend as it is tossed over shirt and tie at the bar after work. In short, this is something that we’re going to wear the best quality leather a lot when we to get it in our wardrobe – so it really pays to get it right. As far as we know leather is simply stated with the skin of an animal. Basically, the material is assembled from the skin of an animal can claim “Genuine Leather” or best leather.Let’s talk about the best quality of leather. There are 3 primary categories of leather:

A Black Leather Jacket

Top Grained Leather


is “full-Grain” which is clean, flexible, and clear with the consistency in color and also has the highest capitulate of over 90% and the exterior is smoothest. And it also called the best quality leather

The second

one has less consistency in color and also has the highest capitulate of over 78% and the exterior is slightly imperfect.

And the last one

is limited and very inconsistent in color and also has a capitulate of 40% and the exterior is quite imperfect and will feel rigid, partly from the immoderate coating needed to hide imperfections.

These categories are standard no matter what type of animal the leather came from. Worldwide there are a lot of different types of animals that are used for leather industry. As we know everything from lamb to cow, buffalo to sheep, and alligator to Ostrich. But most popular leather skin for use in our jackets are lamb and cow.
A good producer will not use leather of second or third category, because of leather jacket’s trendy nature and fashion sense of it.So, best quality leather finds unique designs, great cutting, smooth finishing and also elegant fitting of the jacket which can evoke our authentic look and impressive personality. In RAVEN we try our best to reduce consumption in order to lower the price. We also Make custom design provide by our customers with the best quality leather.We make them  smooth finish and accurate fitting for your unique look.




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