Why are leather jackets expensive?

From the ancient time people have been using various type of leathers for years and years, fulfilling daily needs to luxury uses.This is one of the most versatile material in the world. It gives an iconic and individual feeling which hardly any product can give. We love to wear the leather jacket though it is expensive.

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We really follow trend and leather is the most unique and long lasting trend. Leather doesn’t fissure after a long use and keeps soft. It suits every weather. It can protect us from direct sunlight on the desert environment(heat resistant) and can keep us warm in the cold environment. It matches our requirement of comfort and gives a unique feeling of elite personality. To keep this it is a little bit expensive.

As it is a fascinating product. It changes our common outlook into the authentic look. Which boost our confidence and enhance our trendy sense. To make this expensive product it needs care, design, cutting and fine raw materials. We should keep in mind that leather does not come in rectangles, neither is it consistent in quality and thickness throughout (due to tanning techniques and the way the leather must be stretched/shrunk to make a flat surface). As a result, cutting large, consistent pieces out of a small hide might take twice as much area of leather as the shape is, raising the cost further and a little bit expensive . For an estimate, the leather required for a leather jacket is 28-35 sqft. As we know leather jacket needs quality sheepskin, lambskin, and cowhide. And Costing of these materials worldwide between 5-12 dollars per square foot. So, It really facts that it is an expensive material. These are only the cost of raw material of hides. There are other costs also. In RAVEN we try our best to reduce consumption in order to lower the price. See price

Good jackets are handcrafted so therefore labor cost is also an added cost. Which also means good jackets cannot be manufactured like mass production.As it is fashionable and trendsetter so designs should be unique.Uniqueness also facts. So,these are the reasons of being an expensive leather jacket.


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