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Why are leather products popular worldwide?

The history of leather  usage  is very ancient in human civilization. People have been using various type of leather products for years and years to fulfill their daily needs to luxury uses . This is one of the most versatile material, also very popular and well-known  in the world. Like other countries, leather products are well known and used in Bangladesh. Leather goods are trendy, fashionable, available, comfortable and have an elite personality of its own kind. Here are some more reasons why leather products are popular worldwide :

Stylish, Elegant & Trendy:

Leather products gives an iconic and individual feeling which hardly any product can give. People love to follow trend and leather is the most versatile and long lasting trend. Besides, when leather meets with fabrics, the combination is really a treat to watch when our Stars wear them and they become iconic and popular worldwide.

David Beckham Jacket Photo

David Beckham Jacket


Leather products doesn’t crack after a long use and keeps soft. It suits every weather. It can protect us from direct sunlight on the desert environment (heat resistant) and also can keep us warm in the cold environment. It matches our requirement of comfort and gives a unique feeling of elite personality. That’s why it is popular.

Keanu Reeves Leather Jacket Photo

Keanu Reeves Leather Jacket


Because of its thick, natural and complex fiber structure. This complex character makes it long lasting and more durable. Recently an astonishing news revealed that a ladies leather shoe has founded which lasted over 5000 years! The shoe is as big as a current women’s size seven (U.S.), the shoe was likely tailor-made for the right foot of its owner, who could have been a man or a woman—not enough is known about Armenian feet of the era to say for sure. Made from a single piece of cowhide. So, leather products are really durable and rough usable.

Vin Diesel in xXx photo

Vin Diesel in xXx

Easy Maintenance:

Leather maintenance is very easy. Leather doesn’t collect dirt easily like fabrics. Just a light dusting and little polishing with a few dabs of wax can keep leather products shiny for a long time. The leather is also repairable. When anything like leather products are repairable or reusable, we are eagerly wait for using that.

Jason Staten in Leather Jacket photo

Jason Staten in Leather Jacket photo

Leather has shared a pure bond with earth and nature. It has a unique natural mesmerizing quality. That is why even after a few thousands of years, we still find the popular fact that leather is very attractive and stylish. In  RAVEN we are providing best quality genuine leather jacket with existing design and also custom design provided by our respective customer. So, you could buy or check out amazing jackets from our shop in here. Price is very affordable,finishing and fitting commendable.

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