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Winter Clothes in Bangladesh

Initial Scenario of Winter Clothes in Bangladesh:

Winter is fading away with nature. Winter is knocking at the door, only a month away. Cause blossom wind will be blowing in the air, with grass will be covered with dewdrops in the early morning. According to the weather forecast, winter would hit all over Bangladesh within one or two months.  Especially, in north Bengal of Bangladesh seriously. A warm welcome is waiting at the door for the winter. And the rush is started for winter clothing. People started buying from a different fashion house, some going for the tailor, for their own taste. There has been variation in winter clothing, this time around.

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However, the young people look around for a new trend, with comfortable clothing. They want to represent themselves, in their own way. And the clothing for males includes a sweater, shawl, suits, blazer, and jackets. A jacket is the most popular of them all. There are some local brands and foreign as well, selling these winter clothing. These are made of denim, wool, canvas, cord, leather, and rexine. Leather, rexine, and canvas are most highly in demand choices. All types of jackets are made with zipper, patchwork, embroidery,  and button. And these combinations attract not only young people but also elders and adults as well.

Leather Jacket Collection from Dhaka Bangladesh

Traditional Winter Clothes in Bangladesh for Men And Women:

Actually, the winter season is a blessing for the people of Bangladesh cause after the monsoon it the best gift that nature provides here. In monsoon time rains are the daily scenario and waters are everywhere in here. Mostly rivers and ponds are full of water. So, to dry them winter arrives with its utmost beauty and gifts. And clothing is a big fact for winter. In Bangladesh, most of the people live in the village sides so they are not fashion-minded but they wear the necessary outfits to protect themselves from cold. Mainly, outfits like Shawl, Sweater, Jacket, Full sleeve shirts and T-shirts, scarf and winter caps are popular among them.

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Once the shawl was worn by high society people, politicians, and landlords. But day by day they are now using massively among common people. And now, It makes a different statement in our modern trend and culture. As the shawls are popular so they are made from various good fabric. Among the “Bengali Shaal,” “KhadiShaal” is the most popular. Pashmina, cotton, viscose, khondor, etc. are among the popular shawl. These shawls are decorated with different swing, print, block, batik, and glitter. Even some of the fashion house creates print human art and writings from a famous author.

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Basically, shawls are well suited with a sari, salwar kameez, top pant or anything at every place, indoor and outdoor. It is also used instead of a scarf. It is also well suited to the western dress as well. Nowadays, Men are also using shawl with their t-shirt, shirt, jeans, and Panjabi. They are well suited as well. Now let us find out what is the current winter clothes choices in Bangladesh below:


Current  Winter Clothes in Bangladesh for Men And Women:

Winter Clothes in Bangladesh is always a curious topic where everyone is interested. And Not only Men or Women but also Kids are also waiting for this specific season. There are a lot of brands and non-brands are available here who bring fashionable winter clothing for everyone. Mostly young generations are also equipped with many new collections of clothes.

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Generally, various designs and bright colors are used in child clothing. Mostly young children’s winter clothing includes a sweater, jacket, waistcoat, blazer, pullover, cardigan, etc. However, Sweater is the most liked for children due to its comfort and trendy. On the other hand, various embroidery, cut-work, button, and zipper are added for the more attractive look. Let’s find out some popular clothing items currently in Bd.


Jacket As a Winter Clothes in Bangladesh:

First of all, the jacket is the most popular winter clothing item in Bangladesh. Cause various types of jackets are available in bd with various killer combinations. Mainly three types of materials are popular with both men and women in fashion and trend. And they are:

  1. Genuine Leather
  2. Faux or Artificial Leather
  3. PU Leather

##Genuine Leather:


We all know that genuine leather is a very classic and trendy product worldwide. And lots of us cherish for a genuine leather jacket. Cause it is the ultimate luxury clothing in the Men fashion world. And the power of changing outlook within a moment is the best reason to become the most popular clothing in the men fashion industry. So, these lucrative reasons are mainly attracted to everyone and they become crazy enough to wear a leather jacket when it is winter. Though we live in a high humidity country, we love leather jackets. For fashion trends and our long-cherished demand of being a leather jacket owner, lead us to buy a leather jacket.

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Mostly, the design is the key factor to buy a jacket. But other factors like Durability, Color, and Genuineness of leather and price really facts when we decide to buy a jacket. There are many types of jackets available in shops and markets. Like Biker jacket, Racing Jacket, Bomber Jacket, Vintage look jacket, Party Jacket, Quilting Jacket, Formal Jacket, Blazer Style Jacket, etc. Let’s a few designs with the price.


## LR-26 Ladies Genuine Leather Jacket:

Brown Ladies-Leather-Jacket
Brown Ladies-Leather-Jacket ( Price: 8800/-

##Vintage Looking Sporting Rider Jacket for Men

##RE:02 Men’s Genuine Leather Motorcycle Rider Jacket:

Where to Buy a Leather jacket in Bangladesh?


The answer to this question is RAVEN. Cause this online leather jacket brand is the No.1 shop for leather jacket making for both men and women. And they give a 10 years leather warranty as well at a reasonable price. The most surprising option is their custom made jacket making facility. So, if you wanna buy a leather jacket then RAVEN is the perfect choice to make your long-cherished jacket. And here is the showroom address below:


Suit & Blazer As Winter Clothes in Bangladesh:

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For the corporate people, suits and blazers are the real deal. Colour of this clothing is very important here, like black, dark ash and cream, most corporate people preferred Black. Black is elegant and iconic. Different design stripes have become quite popular now. The body structure is a deciding factor for choice. Short people are more suited to stripes suits. While a Tall person is well suited with single color suits. Both designs are well suited to average height people. Usually, a heavy person can choose two-button suits. But three buttons are more suited to average weight and slim personal.

Sweater As a Winter Clothes in Bangladesh:

A sweater is well suited to a casual environment. A beautiful lady looks more attractive with a well-fitted sweater. But, the sweater should be worn with age, profession and skin tone keeping in mind. The different stylish sweater is made for young girls, which are high in price. Over flip are used in this sweater, which can be used as a scarf as well. Shall is one of the most important winter clothing. Which diminishes winter as well as trendy. Shall is our cultural winter wear.

RBC- 09 Brown Slim Fit Crocodile Ambushed Blazer

Hoddy as a Winter Clothes in Bangladesh

Recently, Hoody has also become a trend in winter. Customers demand denim, for its wash effects. Denim becomes more attractive after whisker wash, scrapping, scent blast, bleach, and acid wash. Besides print, emboss, sticker and cut-work also include. Demand for sweater has not risen much comparatively. Mix style sweater is in demand at the moment. Zipper, button, and hood are the add-on to the sweater for making it more attractive.


Final Words:

At last, we can say that Winter Clothes in Bangladesh have a great variety and lots of options are available depending on choice and budget. If you are comfortable with fabric types jacket or pullover then you can get them very easily from brands to local shops or markets, or from online shops where imported quality or export quality available at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a jacket which you have a fascination with to get one of them then you can go for a genuine leather jacket. Actually, RAVEN is the place where you can get a 100% genuine leather jacket with 10 years warranty in Bangladesh. More than 7 years of experience in making leather jackets for men and women in BD. However, if you are not fit in a readymade jacket then you can go for a custom made jacket. Here you can make your jacket as per your body measurements with your preferable fittings. And all of this procedure will do within 7 to 10 working days to complete your order.

So, if you are interested to get a leather jacket from RAVEN then you can place your order from here: or you want to visit the store and check the products physically then you can place your order on business time.


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