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Winter Jacket Dhaka Bangladesh

Winter Jacket  Dhaka Bangladesh; Typically Bangladesh located in the subtropical region which is why winter is not so much famous in Bangladesh. But in a survey, it says that in winter season Bangladesh faces more than 4 (four) cold wave hits from the great Himalayas. The Himalayas so our neighbor country’s mountain, of Nepal. That’s why winter is a bit distrustful to predict in Bangladesh. However, in the rural part of Bangladesh or outside of major metropolitan city winter is nice every year.

Winter Jacket Dhaka Bangladesh RE-02-Motor-Cycle-Rider-Jacket


Winter Jacket RW-10 Black-Cropped-Quilted-Biker-Jacket-With-Belt-Front-Side

RW-10 Black-Cropped-Quilted-Biker-Jacket-With-Belt





Traditionally Bangladeshi people wore Shawl during winter. The shawl is fine long cloth made of wool. Other than shawl people wear a different kind of cold protecting cloth during winter. Jackets are one of them. Mostly urbanized guys wear jackets. In order to pursue urbanized trends, people stay in fashion and trends. They love Jackets.

Winter Jacket Dhaka Bangladesh Cropped-Ruby-Reese-Ghost-Ride-Jacket-Left-SideWinter Jacket Cropped-Ruby-Reese-Ghost-Ride-Jacket-Front-Side

Winter Jacket Dhaka Bangladesh BR-04-White-Band-Motor-Rider-JacketWinter Jacket RB-02-Tom-Cruise-Mission-Impossible-Blazer-2


Winter Jacket Dhaka Bangladesh has largely diversified that people buy so many different typo jackets in the winter season. Mostly the cotton made jackets or Sweaters are popular. Some synthetics made jacket also available in Bangladesh during the winter season. Exceptionally the sleeveless jacket also nice to be found. On the other hand, And the Polyester made the jacket like as bellow is also available in the market. Price started from around  Tk. 3-4 thousand to Tk.7-8 thousand, based on your choice of trade.

Winter Jacket RMO-1-Red-Lining-Rider-Jacket-2

Winter Jacket NW-7-Black-Cropped-Biker-Jacket-with-Belt-front-2

















To be fit as upper urbanized people Leather Jacket also fits for Winter jacket in Bangladesh for the specific reason. Leather Jacket is also winter fashion clothing in Bangladesh. And the price is also reasonable for the raw material producer of world leather market. Price start for Winter jacket Dhaka Bangladesh as Leather Jacket is around Tk. 7.5 thousand to Tk. 8/9 thousand, depend on design and other choices of trends.



Winter Jacket Black-Side-Quilted-Cropped-Ladies-Jacket


RAVEN: Leather Jacket Brands of Dhaka Bangladesh sells premium quality leather jacket with customized service from online. RAVEN is the best place to buy leather jacket for winter jackets in Dhaka of Bangladesh.

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